Embrace It #1073 

by Sue Hawkes

As a person over 50 years old, it’s irritating to realize all the effort placed on anti-aging results in the bias we see every day against the natural process of a life well lived. 

The phrase anti-aging says it all – we’re against it. 

Why? It’s happening. Whether you like it or not, aging is happening. 

Believe me, I’d like to have all the energy and capacity of my youth. At the same time, I enjoy being older. The benefits of wisdom and experience are worth it. 

It’s too bad our society is against it.  

As I contemplate the railroad tracks across my forehead, the stretch marks from childbirth, the smile lines around my eyes, and the grey mixed in with my brown hair, I appreciate all that went into the way my body is aging. 

I find myself motivated to be active and take care of this body that’s rewarded me with so many wonderful experiences. I’m happy to reflect on what it means to grow older with appreciation. 

That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t love a time machine to buff and polish certain things into a younger state, but given the choice, I’ll remain right here. 

Aging is inevitable. 

Better to embrace it with or without the creams. 

Sue HawkesEmbrace It #1073