Anything Worthwhile #1080 

by Sue Hawkes

We’re embarking on remodeling our main floor in a month or two. 

I’m excited, cautious, and dreading it all at the same time. It hasn’t begun yet. The packing of “stuff” is first. I don’t mind because I’m still anticipating the goodness following our internal move. 

I’ve been through this before and know it’s worth it, but the distance between concept and completion seems daunting when looking forward, like anything worthwhile. 

I’m aware it will be a blip on the radar looking back, like anything worthwhile. 

The middle of anything feels like failure, it’s Kanter’s law.  

What I’m pondering is how creative we can be grilling and making food without a kitchen, how we can use the time outside to move more and turn the inconvenience into an adventure, like anything worthwhile. 

Social media and stories can paint a picture of anything worthwhile to look like it was simple, easy and a joy every step of the way. 

That’s not how anything worthwhile happens.  

Sue HawkesAnything Worthwhile #1080