Wider and Louder #1087 

by Sue Hawkes

“Your eyes only see and your ears only hear what you’re looking for.” Dan Sullivan 

One of the gems from being at the EOS Worldwide conference last week was this Dan Sullivan quote.  

Reminding myself to stay humble (no matter how certain I am), by recognizing my own biases, filters, and predispositions to receive only the information I’m ready for at that moment. 

I may have heard something several times, yet I’m ready for it when I decide to be. 

It’s a tremendously humbling thought when realizing what I’m holding onto, what I believe is possible and what I “know.” 

Letting go is easier when I’m present to this thought. 

Learning is easier when I’m present to this thought. 

Life can be easier when we widen our view and turn up the volume to what isn’t known. 

Sue HawkesWider and Louder #1087