Growth by Invitation #1091 

by Sue Hawkes

Inviting change is easier than resisting it. 

We are beginning our remodel later in May. Having gone through this process before, I am anticipating challenges and mistakes. 

It’s inevitable.  

When working within an existing structure and transforming it into the new vision of its future state, there are infinite details, options, and several limitations. 

Similar to leading any change, the existing structure confines what’s possible…including your mindset. 

How can you embrace what is, retaining the best of it while also envisioning and emerging into the new vision for what’s possible? 

How can you envision the future so vividly you can appreciate what was, embrace the mess in the middle, have patience for all that may not go as planned to enjoy the beautiful results at the end of the process? 

If the vision is compelling enough, we will embrace the challenges with patience, drawing from the fuel of possibility at the beginning while reminding ourselves of the picture awaiting us in the near future. 

Resisting the process and mess of growth causes friction and stagnation. 

Like my remodel, all transformation requires friction. 

Like moving between two trapezes, we must release what was to embrace what can be: that’s growth.  

Sue HawkesGrowth by Invitation #1091