Spend Wisely #1092 

by Sue Hawkes

As we grow our small but mighty team, I’m excited for the future. 

Realizing the possibility of doing our work in new ways to expand our impact fuels me. Thinking of new ways to grow what we do while expanding the learning we offer is limited only by the time to deliver it. 

Our inventory is time.  

As in life, how we use our time determines what we can do. Once a day is over, the inventory has been reduced.  Did we use it or let it expire? 

Much like life, we can’t take time for granted. Paying attention to how we “spend” time is as important as how we spend money, yet do we realize it in the moments it matters? 

Freeing time grows every other possibility – relationships, health, money, purpose, and learning. 

As we expand into our next chapter, time is my focus.  

Maximizing time is the goal. Effectiveness and efficiency with this precious and limited inventory (1440 minutes/day) is the game. 

Spend wisely. 

Sue HawkesSpend Wisely #1092