It’s Up to You #1094 

by Sue Hawkes

At the EOS Conference™, I was teaching the Integrator Masterclass and said, “you are a representation of what you allow.” 

Ali caught this, noted it, and suggested I blog about it. 

So here I am.  

Many of the leaders I’ve worked with experience frustration at times with the people around them. 

When you realize you’ve trained people to behave exactly as they do with you, you’ll realize you have a choice. Interrupt behavior you don’t want and make request(s) for a change, accept the behavior, or discontinue it. 

When you recognize the choice is yours, you will decide between short- and long-term consequences. 


Anything else (reasons, excuses, justifications, explanations, or complaints) won’t result in anything being different other than your attitude and the declining relationship you allow. 

Sue HawkesIt’s Up to You #1094