Your Beautiful Garden Awaits #1104 

by Sue Hawkes

Life can be hard

When being intentional, we choose the hard that brings us closer to our desired future.  

Imagine yourself as a gardener. To grow a beautiful garden, you must dig deep, plant the seeds for what you intend to grow, and water them regularly. In the same way, we must choose the hard that will grow us in the direction of our desired outcomes. 

Instead of avoiding challenges in the garden called life, we need to face them with courage and determination, being clear about the garden we’re growing. If we waiver, we’ll grow more weeds and it will take more time, energy and effort. No matter what garden we grow, it will take persistence, focus and growth. 

The difference is, as the garden blooms, we can see what’s growing and whether it aligns with our intended future. 

Begin by picking a challenging task that aligns with your dreams. Commit to it with focus and determination, just as a gardener would tend to their plants.  

We will have to pull a weed or two, but the end result is the garden you choose. If not, it’s time to plant new seeds again. Embrace the hard that aligns with your goals, your beautiful garden awaits. 

Sue HawkesYour Beautiful Garden Awaits #1104