Dance Partners for Success #1106 

by Sue Hawkes

Whoever said structure kills creativity clearly hasn’t met its partner. Picture this: creativity strutting around like a free-spirited rockstar, leather jacket, wild hair, and breaking all the rules. And who’s right there, making sure the show goes on? Structure, the unsung hero in this creative jam (by the way, this is also how Visionaries and Integrators partner). 

Think of structure as the reliable friend who keeps creativity from unintentionally stumbling into a hot mess. It’s like giving a unicorn a leash—it sounds restrictive, but it keeps everyone (including the unicorn) safe and sound. 

Creativity needs structure like a chef needs a recipe. Sure, the chef can throw ingredients together randomly and hope for the best, but structure is what turns the best ingredients into culinary magic.  

Imagine a world where novels had no plot or buildings were designed by piling up random materials. Structure gives form to ideas, creating masterpieces that captivate our souls and keep our skylines from collapsing. 

On the flip side, adding too much structure and creativity will begin to suffocate, gasping for a breath of fresh ideas. It’s like putting creativity in a straitjacket and tossing away the key. You don’t want to get rule-bound to the point of rigidity, but rather maintain the balance of a flexible dance partner, ready to dance with innovation. 

As leaders, we need to embrace the fine balance between structure and creativity. Let structure be creativity’s trusty sidekick, the jelly to its peanut butter. Together, you’ll conquer the world, one beautifully organized dance at a time. 

Sue HawkesDance Partners for Success #1106