Unintended Results #1117 

by Sue Hawkes

I asked, you answered.  

First, thank you! I appreciate everyone who emailed or texted me in answer to blog #1115. Sometimes, I need the validation to continue, though I wish that weren’t the case.  

I’m continuing to write daily, however may take Heather Ettinger’s suggestion of consolidating the blog to a different Unf♥<kwithable® format to create some space, add a new feel, and perhaps reduce the frequency. I’m pondering that as a new way to “have it all.” 

There are lessons in asking for feedback as I just did, which is an unintended result; thank you again. 

  1. I challenged my assumptions; it was a version of asking for help which is uncomfortable for me 
  1. I had to listen beyond what I knew, which offered growth and opportunity 
  1. I could get beyond the “stuck” point because others offered permission, opportunity, ideas, and validation – all of which made any decision okay, and the choice was still mine! 
  1. I felt supported – even through a blog – it became a dialog 
  1. It was easy and allowed me to pause without quitting. #win 

What I’d offer in return to you is this: when you’re stuck, feeling like it’s hard or challenged, ask for input. It may not feel like you’re asking for help, yet you are. 

Pause and take a breath – where could you ask for input today? 

Sue HawkesUnintended Results #1117