Rewiring for Success #1139 

by Sue Hawkes

Are you ready to unlock your leadership potential? Take a moment to reflect on your approach to recognizing and nurturing strengths within your team. When you witness outstanding outcomes, do you turn to the person responsible and genuinely acknowledge their achievements? Do you share why it was a success? 

Consider the power of focusing on strengths. How can you create a learning environment that celebrates what individuals excel at, rather than dwelling on weaknesses? How can you inspire and empower your team members to continue honing their abilities? 

One of my ninja skills is seeing what’s not been done.  

This skill doesn’t naturally lend itself to celebrating achievements, highlighting unique talents, and offering positive feedback that acknowledge others’ strengths as my first thought. Though I recognize all of it, I tend to lead with what could be improved and this isn’t the best approach.  

In order to create an environment where everyone can thrive and reach their full potential, I don’t need to dull my ninja skill, I need to do two things: 

  1. Let people know this about me and ensure they have permission to remind me to emphasize my appreciation for all things occurring that are worth celebrating. 
  1. Work on beginning any commentary with the good stuff before my ninja skill kicks in. 

I wish this was as easy as it sounds; I am skilled in seeing what others don’t and offering it as my first thought. Though it’s not hard wired yet, I’m practicing in order to unlock the limitless potential within people around me.   

Do you begin with appreciation? 

Sue HawkesRewiring for Success #1139