Overcoming Overwhelm #1142 

by Sue Hawkes

If your plate is too full, get a bigger plate. This profound concept holds the key to conquering overwhelm. 

Life often presents us with more tasks, responsibilities, and challenges than we can handle in a given timeframe. We feel the pressure building, struggling to keep up with all of it.  

Instead of crumbling, what if you shift your perspective? 

Instead of shrinking from the load, expand your capacity. Seek growth, acquire new skills, delegate, say no, and develop resilience. Embrace the challenge and equip yourself to handle more. 

It requires focus, prioritization, and decisiveness. 

Your plate can stretch to accommodate what’s on it when you don’t shrink from life’s demands. Instead, rise to the occasion and create ways to make a bigger plate. 

Sue HawkesOvercoming Overwhelm #1142