Assess Your Skills for Tough Talks (Part 2) #1152 

by Sue Hawkes

Effective communication isn’t for wimps (neither is parenting, but that’s a different blog)! As leaders, we need to become masterful in engaging in those seemingly daunting tough conversations that spark growth and unleash potential within our teams. The most important lessons lie in the mastery of empathy and respect.  

In case you missed yesterday’s blog, this is part two and you can access part one here.  

The question is: how well do you use these skills? (Feel free rate yourself 1-10, 10 being best and revisit this list – recurring opportunities to improve await.) 

  1. Encouraging Empathy: Sprinkle empathy magic like fairy dust, acknowledging emotions, challenges (at work and home) while warming hearts. You have to meet people where they are before they can move anywhere. Do you seek to understand first? 
  1. Curiosity Over Certainty: Ask open-ended questions with the intent of discovering what you don’t know and what we don’t know. This is more important than winning, it’s not a competition. The best solutions lie between us. How are you at suspending your opinion? 
  1. Resolution Focused: Remain focused on resolution, co-creating strategies with your teammates. Don’t beat a dead horse. The journey to success is a shared one, keep your eyes on the prize. Do you stay focused on the best outcome for the greater good of all when in conflict? 
  1. Support Is Underrated: When you support others on their shared path to victory, offering resources and encouragement, you win hearts. If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. Are you a supportive teammate when the going gets tough? 
  1. Follow-Up Friend: This is where it can all fall apart. Keep an eye on progress with timely follow-ups which are mutually agreed upon up front. Without this, it may feel like Groundhog Day or micromanagement at the worst, specificity matters. Do you create clarity with your promises? 

Mastering the art of tough talks takes practice. None of us are perfect and all of us need reminding. Use and share these blogs to improve your communication superpowers, helping you become fearless in fostering a culture of trust and growth. 

Sue HawkesAssess Your Skills for Tough Talks (Part 2) #1152