The Power of Your Questions #1164 

by Sue Hawkes

The questions you ask yourself hold incredible power. We grow in the direction of our most frequently asked questions. Being “stuck” is a result of the questions you’re asking. 

When you reflect on your experiences, you’ll notice how certain questions have led to profound changes in your life. Learning to ask better questions is the key to getting unstuck and moving forward. 

When you’re feeling stuck consider these examples to help you reframe any questions you’re using that limit your growth: 

  • Instead of asking, “Why can’t I do anything right?” try reframing it to, “What steps can I take to improve and achieve what I want?”  
  • Instead of asking, “Why is everything so difficult for me?” ask, “What can I learn from this situation, and how can I grow stronger?”  
  • Instead of asking, “Why does everything always go wrong for me?” shift to, “How can I approach this situation differently and create what I want?”  
  • Instead of asking, “What’s the use, I’ll never get it right?” change that to, “What can I do differently to succeed next time?”  
  • Instead of asking, “Why am I not as good as (insert name)?” reframe it to, “What unique strengths do I have, and how can I contribute?”  

By reframing your questions, you’ll seek the answers you need to grow. Every question becomes a steppingstone, guiding you towards a future aligned with what you want unlimited by your past. 

Sue HawkesThe Power of Your Questions #1164