5 Tips to Supercharge Your Effectiveness #1165 

by Sue Hawkes

In our overfull lives, managing our time wisely is crucial to feeling successful. This begins with optimizing your calendar. Let’s explore five essential tips extracted from our Intentional Greatness® Podcast episode 135, on simplifying your calendar and boosting productivity. 

  1. Align with What Matters: Check to see if your calendar reflects your priorities and values. Identify the top three to five areas of life that bring you joy, like family, health, career, relationships, spirituality, and recreation. Make sure your calendar includes your priorities, and make conscious choices based on those values. 
  1. Design Your Ideal Week: Imagine your ideal week and include the activities that make you feel energized and happy. Script it out on a blank calendar, setting aside dedicated time for self-care and activities that recharge your batteries. Prioritize what matters most. (Listen to the podcast to take this to ninja level). 
  1. Prioritize Rest and Relaxation: Plan vacations and time off first – I do this 15 months ahead of time. Taking care of yourself enhances your effectiveness when you return to work. Prioritizing your time off sends a strong message to yourself and self-care allows you to be better for others. 
  1. Balance Work and Play: Find your balance between necessary commitments and activities that nurture your well-being. Be mindful of your pace and compare to no one else. Your definition of balance is exactly that: yours. 
  1. Know Your Peak Energy Times: Understand your energy levels throughout the day and utilize your most productive and focused moments for important tasks. This helps you optimize your productivity and get the most out of every day. 

Three questions to consider

  1. How can you optimize your calendar to enhance productivity and achieve better results? 
  1. What strategies can you implement to align your calendar with your values and priorities? 
  1. How can you strike a balance between necessary work commitments and activities that promote personal well-being and fulfillment? 

By mastering your calendar and aligning it with your priorities, you can supercharge your productivity and pave the way for Intentional Greatness® in all aspects of life.  

Sue Hawkes5 Tips to Supercharge Your Effectiveness #1165