Embracing Forgiveness #1169 

by Sue Hawkes

For any successful leader, forgiveness is a vital virtue. Amid the relentless pursuit of excellence across diverse roles, the truth is evident: we can’t do it all, all the time. 

Moments arise when our aspirations surpass the constraints of time and energy. While successes abound, sometimes we must make sacrifices to accomplish all we do. Self-forgiveness, especially for irreparable instances, can be challenging. Those missed family events, one-time opportunities, special gatherings, and time sensitive celebrations linger heavy with regret. 

Forgiveness isn’t about erasing disappointment but embracing your feelings as well as the difficult choices on our journey. With each choice, there is a level of sacrifice for yourself and others. In this, forgiveness grants you liberation from the critical voice in your head.  

In a world where ‘doing it all’ is a false ideal, forgiveness offers the freedom to thrive imperfectly, reminding us that our best is often more than sufficient. 

Sue HawkesEmbracing Forgiveness #1169