Don’t Trap Yourself #1195 

by Sue Hawkes

Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will. 

Life has a way of putting us in situations where we’re not sure if we should pursue our dreams or let our doubt hold us back.  

But here’s the thing: doubt can be worse than failing. When you doubt yourself, you stop yourself from even trying, and that’s always a big loss. 

As scary as it seems, failure (or not attaining what you attempted this time) actually helps you learn and grow. It’s like a teacher who shows you what not to do the next time. 

But doubt? Doubt is like a cage you trap yourself in. It stops you from taking risks, from going after what you really want. 

Playing it safe might feel comfy in the moment, but it’s like giving up without trying. It means you settle for less when you could have more. Playing it safe is failure by default. 

Don’t let doubt be in charge. It’s okay to fail sometimes; it’s part of the learning journey to your best life. You’re either winning or you’re learning.  

You decide. 

Sue HawkesDon’t Trap Yourself #1195