Lessons at 1200 #1200  

by Sue Hawkes

Wowza. This has been a year of learning and this most recent leg has been filled with lessons. Here’s the top lessons I’m learning over the past 50 blogs: 

  1. Simplify to Multiply. When I pause and release things, opportunities present themselves and new ways emerge to accomplish more by doing less. It’s a bit Matrix like. IYKYK. 
  1.  Use my Tools. When I pause and remember to use them, not seeking the next thing, I’m able to be more effective and prioritize better. HUGE learning here. I don’t need new tools, I have SOOOOOOOOOOOO many. Use them 
  1. Space on the Calendar is GOLD. Our company grows when I’m available. Overscheduling is the bottleneck we can’t allow. Saying “no” and letting go are key to growth. It’s simple, not easy. 
  1. Act after learning. It’s good to gather new insights, go to conferences, learn new tools, and generate ideas, but if all you do is collect them, who cares? Action is the game changer. Select the few and make it happen. Make time after the event to prioritize. 
  1. Teamwork is the key. When we’re each in our lanes doing what we do best while locking arms and communicating, exponential results occur – as if by magic. It’s not. It’s the collective focus all going one direction in thoughts, language, and action that is the game changer.  
  1. Find your crew. When you’re in a room with people who are like minded, you feel normal. Don’t settle for mediocre when you can amplify your best self with others who “get” you. It’s fuel in your tank. 
  1. Take the emotion out of it. When I slow down, prepare for a challenging conversation, evaluate what’s working, not working, and the outcome I’m seeking, I’m clear and kind. It works and everyone can come together to solve what’s between us. 
  1. Clarify, simplify, amplify. This is my recipe for the year (maybe longer). Taking these three words as steps allows me to focus and create peace while we grow – it’s working! 
  1. Be your own hero. No one has all the answers, but guess what? I’ve got a bunch of them. When I stop looking outside, I find the answer inside. It requires trust and stillness. You do you.  
  1. Don’t be your own roadblock. Ask. You’re already at no, so there’s nothing to lose. It might be a YESS! waiting to happen, but if you don’t ask, you’ll never know.  
  1. It’s easy when you’re doing what you were born to do. If it’s not easy, it may not be yours to do – find the person who has that gift and partner. We aren’t carbon copies. Stay original. 
Sue HawkesLessons at 1200 #1200