Accountability = Intentional Greatness® #1201 

by Sue Hawkes

Accountability is the driving force behind Intentional Greatness®. To excel in business, leadership, and life, discipline and persistent commitment are essential. You know this, but are you trying to go alone? 

A few key ingredients I’ve found to create persistent commitment include these:  

  1. Create a supportive community. 
  1. The grace to recommit when your attempted practice is interrupted (some think of this as failure, it’s not. It’s human, you’re learning). 

We all need a supportive community. Surround yourself with like-minded folks who are just as committed to their growth journey as you are. They’re your North Stars, your inspiration, your accountability partners, and your safety net. 

So how do you choose the right accountability partner? You need someone who won’t let you off the hook, who believes in your potential, who cares enough to follow through, and isn’t afraid to call you out. I bet someone is coming to mind, right? Reach that person today, ask for help, and tell them your goal and commit to each other. 

And here’s the deal: don’t keep this wisdom to yourself. Spread the message of accountability like wildfire. When we empower others to embrace it, we create a ripple effect of unstoppable growth, success, and community. What we call Intentional Greatness®. 

Make accountability your secret weapon, and watch your results improve.  

Sue HawkesAccountability = Intentional Greatness® #1201