Using Intuitive Data #1204 

by Sue Hawkes

We all know the value of hard data, how numbers and measurables help to keep emotions, opinions, and subjectivity in check as we consider all parts of our decisions. It isn’t, however, the only kind of data. Intuitive data, or gut instinct, is critical for leaders. Too often, we negate our “gut instinct” because we are swayed by other things. 

So how do we start to pay attention to intuitive data and give it merit when we are surrounded by hard data in our professional lives? I’ve found that learning to listen and pay attention to what’s unspoken allows me to recognize and use my intuition. When you’re stuck, or can’t decide, ask yourself these questions to listen to your gut:  

  • Does something feel “off?” Why?  
  • Does this action or situation align with my core values?  
  • What might be going on that I don’t know about?  
  • Are we aligned? (Just because people say yes, it’s not always true)  
  • Am I trying to rationalize something that doesn’t feel right? 
  • What does my gut tell me to do? 

As leaders, we must balance intuition with facts. We need hard, measurable information to ensure we are on track, and we also need deep, intuitive data to realize the best available outcome. Stay present to both, and your team will find success.  

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Sue HawkesUsing Intuitive Data #1204