You Need a Clarity Break™ #1206 

by Sue Hawkes

As I led our leadership and management communication workshop last week, I was reminded again of the Clarity Break’s power. Whether you call it a Clarity Break, thinking time, or time to work on your business, having space in your week to pause and reflect is critical if you want to be a great leader.  

All the leaders in the workshop agreed. They knew they needed to do this practice, yet as always, when I polled the audience, admittedly, few made time for it amid running a business and leading their teams. Sound familiar?  

Then it’s time to prioritize your Clarity Break.  

Like any new practice, start small. Schedule your first one for sixty minutes this week. And if that seems difficult, ask yourself why you don’t have an hour (4% of your time) to work on your business. That question alone is great fodder to ponder!  

Of course, blocking time is just the first step. After that, you’ll need to pull out your journal and see where your mind goes. Try these questions to get started:  

  • What don’t I see?  
  • What am I pretending not to know?  
  • If my business could talk, what would it tell me?  
  • What disciplines do I need to adopt to attain the results I want?  

Clarity Breaks are necessary to provide the space you need to stay confident and focused as a leader. If you don’t prioritize the time, you’re letting your business and your team down. Yes – they are that important.  

Find more questions to ponder here and schedule your Clarity Break now. You’ve got no time to waste. 

Sue HawkesYou Need a Clarity Break™ #1206