Veiled Requests #1207  

by Sue Hawkes

When someone complains, what’s really happening? 

When we complain it’s because we had different expectations in mind. If you can pause to think, you’ll realize every complaint is a veiled request. When we’re unable to reframe our irritation into a request, we comment about what’s wrong, missing, or shouldn’t be happening the way it is now. 

It’s easy to roll our eyes or get frustrated and defensive when faced with a complaint, but what could we learn if we slowed down to dig into what’s underneath?  

What might change in our businesses and lives if we heard every complaint as a request? What conversations would lead to better outcomes and opportunities to work together? What future conflicts could be avoided?  

Pause, listen without defending, and get curious. When you hear what’s being asked for, your results will improve. 

Sue HawkesVeiled Requests #1207