Know Your Why #1222 

by Sue Hawkes

In the journey to success, the size and meaning of your “why” matters significantly. Your “why” is your driving force, the reason you keep pushing forward despite obstacles. 

Think about successful people – they didn’t have everything figured out from the start any more than you did. What set them apart was their compelling “why.” Whether it’s chasing a dream job, starting a business, or conquering personal hurdles, a strong and magnetic “why” is like a North star for what matters most to you and your team or family. 

When you take time to discover your “why” and make it substantial, it matters. When your “why” is clear, it acts as a source of power, determination, and resourcefulness, especially when things get challenging. It’s the underpinning of reaching your goals, helping you find the way, no matter how tough it seems. When your “why” is big enough, you’ll figure it out. 

Sue HawkesKnow Your Why #1222