Celebrate Your Employees This Season Part 2 #1232 

by Sue Hawkes

I’m picking up from yesterday’s blog about giving holiday gifts employees will truly value.  

Idea #2: Make it Meaningful and Memorable  

Often the most meaningful gifts are homemade or low-cost. When it comes to a good gift, it’s truly the thought that counts. Showing your employees that you know their individual interests goes a long way to creating a memorable experience. Are they service-minded? Donate to their favorite charity. Do they love to travel or have family out of state? Give them an airline voucher to use toward their next trip. Are they an avid cook? Find a nice knife set or fancy olive oil. The key here is to choose something that shows you thought of them. Adding a handwritten note also goes a long way.  

If individual giving isn’t your thing, you can create a fun experience for your team. There are many companies that cater to this, from escape rooms to private whiskey tastings. Even a simple holiday potluck at the office spreads joy and boosts team bonding. In fact, giving experiences instead of material things may lead to better long-term benefits. Studies show experiences create more lasting happiness than material goods. 

Regardless of what you choose to give this holiday season, do so with an open heart and kind intentions. Also, please keep in mind that not everyone celebrates the holidays, so be sure to keep office events optional and non-denominational. As the boss, it is your responsibility to set the tone for celebrating and communicating expectations. And finally, remember that gift giving can occur all year. You never need a reason to say, “thank you,” give specific praise, or write your employee a kind note; these are all gifts! 

Sue HawkesCelebrate Your Employees This Season Part 2 #1232