Your Influence #1240 

by Sue Hawkes

Whether we want to admit it or not, we often complain about the behavior of those around us—family, friends, colleagues, service providers, and fellow drivers. This even extends to public figures like celebrities and politicians, whom we can’t directly influence, yet we still complain!  

Consider those you can directly impact. The way people behave around you is a result of your consistent responses or reactions. Your patterns have essentially trained them to act in a certain way. Do you like how they act?  

Rather than complaining, recognize that you’ve played a role in shaping their behavior. If you want a different response, change your own behavior, and observe the results. If it aligns with a more positive outcome, continue; if not, adjust until you achieve the desired response or reconsider the relationship. 

Taking responsibility for the dynamics of your interactions creates greater success and peace in your relationships, though it’s not as simple as complaining. Will you do the work to make an impact? 

Sue HawkesYour Influence #1240