The Waste of Waiting #1258 

by Sue Hawkes

Leaving things incomplete wastes energy.  

Think about it. When something is unfinished, you ruminate on it. Whether it’s a conversation, a puzzle, a task or a project, your mind and your actions wander back to it over and over. Your energy is trapped, as is your momentum.  

When you’re incomplete, you can’t move on. Not fully. Part of you and your energy remain stuck until you find some form of completion. It’s that simple.  

Where are you incomplete? What unfinished conversations, tasks, and projects are lingering in the nooks and crannies of your mind?  

What’s one action you could take today to forward yourself and your energy?  

Oh, and if it involves another person, there’s always something you can do – even if they won’t participate. A card, letter, email, or text may serve to open a door or move you closer to completion.  

What are you waiting for?  

Sue HawkesThe Waste of Waiting #1258