There’s No Rehearsal #1260 

by Sue Hawkes

Sometimes we forget the meaning and importance behind what we’re doing. When that happens, things erode.  

It can be as simple as preparing for a meeting.  

When I remind the leaders I work with about the facts – what it costs them to host a meeting with their leadership team for an hour or an offsite, the time they’re investing, the learning they miss, and the opportunity cost of not preparing in order to maximize the investment, they wake up.  

When I speak to the greater part of them, beyond the facts, and remind them “why” they are meeting, something more significant occurs. The intentionally great part of them awakens. When they remember this opportunity to sit at a table with their best and brightest, their “first team,” their inner circle who collectively have the power to shape the future and realize it, they are moved and inspired to action.  

There’s no dress rehearsal in life or business. You need to show up like it matters. There are no throw away moments.  

Sue HawkesThere’s No Rehearsal #1260