Look Ahead #1265

by Sue Hawkes

It’s amazing to anticipate the future and then enjoy it. Sometimes, you’re looking forward to an event; vacation, dinner with a love interest, an anniversary, a movie, concert, time alone, reading a good book or anything else you don’t have the luxury of doing often. It puts your present mindset in a space of anticipation, excitement, longing and joy every minute you think about what the experience will be like.  

This is a great way to reframe your thinking if your present mindset is longing for an optimistic opportunity. The opposite is also true. 

If you’re fully present to the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and experience of now there’s no reason to look forward to anything because you are fully available right now and there’s no void. 

Both mindsets serve us. When we’re dealing with tough realities, challenging events and days, grieving or in the midst of what seems more bad than good news, having something to look forward to can be a game changer every time we think about it. When life is as good as it gets, we’re fully present and time seems to vanish because we’re one with all that’s occurring, there’s nowhere to get to. You are now here – not nowhere. The difference is the space! 

Sue HawkesLook Ahead #1265