You Decide #1266 

by Sue Hawkes

A goal is not enough. It’s important, but it won’t motivate you on a day when things are tough. How do you find your mojo if you really want to attain something and your mood just isn’t supporting you? 

You can use external means: 

  • Great music, a quote, YouTube, a book – all for inspiration 
  • Work with someone – make it a team event if you’re feeling isolated 
  • Change your environment 
  • Workout and use the adrenaline afterward to get a kickstart 
  • Organize your surroundings – for the control freaks like me, this helps! 

You can shift your internal dialog by asking questions like:  

  • What do I really want? 
  • How would I behave if I really wanted this? 
  • How would I behave if I’d already attained this? 
  • What will be different when I have this? 
  • What’s the first step I can take right now to make progress? 

Motivation is a tricky thing, it’s all internal and you’re the one to create it. Though external means contribute, motivation is an inside job. 

Sue HawkesYou Decide #1266