Take the Risk #1277 

by Sue Hawkes

Complacency. It’s something that happens when you begin to accept the results you have as all that is possible. It’s the benchmark of mediocrity and the crusher of dreams. 

Many teams become complacent with scorecard numbers and rocks over time. They begin to see the red numbers or hear the words “off track” week after week and resign themselves rather than dig in to discover what’s causing the number or rock to be off track.  

When this happens, you begin to erode your results both short and long term and you are allowing it to happen willingly. Why?  

Will you risk being the “unreasonable” one to ensure an extraordinary future? 

Will you risk looking bad to create what you truly want? 

Will you risk being disliked to live your dreams, do what others won’t, and live with passion? 

Will you interrupt the status quo and stand up for what’s possible, not what’s predictable? 

If not, your prize is being right while settling. 

Sue HawkesTake the Risk #1277