Try This #1279 

by Sue Hawkes

Imagine a day (or more) without your phone. What’s your first reaction to this suggestion?  

If it’s a strong negative reaction, know you’ve become addicted.  

When I work with teams, I ask for a device-free environment. It’s not always popular, however it does create an environment for maximized success. 

Try it. See if you can go your phone and devices and notice your experience for the hours or day(s) you are without it. While you’re at it, journal about or document (yes, on pad and paper) what you notice from start to finish.  

Write down your thoughts, feelings and concerns; capture your mood, experience and lessons. 

See how you address the quiet moments when you can’t divert or slip away into a digital world. Notice what happens when you’re present with the people in your space versus the people online.  

Please capture it all and let me know how it goes – it’s an experiment worth doing. 

Sue HawkesTry This #1279