A Finite Resource #1336 

by Sue Hawkes

8,760. That’s the number of hours you have in a year. 168 hours each week. 

It doesn’t sound like a lot to me when you consider the number of hours you sleep, the time you spend in the car, getting ready for your day and other mandatory functions like putting gas in your car, purchasing groceries and other tasks.  

When you do the math and you’re a service provider and female entrepreneur like I am, time is your inventory. When this realization hit me, it became easier to focus, say yes and no to non-productive, non-rewarding, non-fulfilling activities. Until that sunk in, I said “yes” to many activities for the wrong reasons. I was accommodating to others, felt I “should” do certain things or spend time with certain people, and more. 

The clearer you become that once a day is gone your inventory is reduced, the more quickly your choices become effective.  

If it’s not high value, sentimental, or meaningful, don’t reduce your inventory. You can’t get it back. 

Sue HawkesA Finite Resource #1336