No Status Quo #1355 

by Sue Hawkes

Don’t let yourself and your team go on autopilot. 

I was facilitating a session, and the leaders came in on the second day of their annual planning ready to go. What I mean is, two of them were simmering overnight – and came in disrupted and ready to challenge the rest of the leadership team. 

I loved it. They challenged the team because they felt like they were going through the motions, not really being strategic, not pushing themselves or the company because they were tired. 

Everyone agreed – it’s been quite a lot of change to manage for most of us. And that’s when we need leaders.  

I’ll continue to say it, we need leaders when things are hard, apathetic, status quo, stuck and rough. We need an opportunity, a ray of hope, a push or a nudge, a reminder of what’s possible – that’s leadership. 

We need a movement, not a moment. Though it’s counter to the “norm” right now, dig deep and emerge with the optimism offering the solutions and possibility of a future so rich, people rise and have the inner drive to join you.  

Pause, don’t stop. We are ready to be awakened. People are seeking purpose right now, they’ll find you. 

Sue HawkesNo Status Quo #1355