Planning for the Win #1356 

by Sue Hawkes

Planning. It’s not everyone’s priority or gift. Yet, it helps to create the best results most of the time.  

Notice I didn’t say a “plan?” 

When you get to wed to the plan, you will fail every time. Plans are rigid; they assume all the circumstances and factors influencing what will happen are known. That’s NEVER possible. Even when you’ve done something a thousand times.  

While history can inform us, mother nature, human beings who think and talk, and the variables of the world around us are not the same. They may be consistent, but they’re not identical. 

Whether it’s for your vacation or your business, planning will always support optimal results. It won’t guarantee them.  

Great leadership means you’re always planning, considering the contingencies and circumstances as they reveal themselves and evolve. When you’re flexible in this way, success is often maximized.  

The trouble is when you become attached to the plan. It will fail you every time. Rigidity cannot flow. 

Sue HawkesPlanning for the Win #1356