Blame Doesn’t Work #1343 

by Sue Hawkes

When things don’t work or go wrong, for many people, they blame. They look outside themselves (mentally or verbally) and reason their lack of results to someone or something outside themselves. This is an automatic reaction conditioned over years and practiced with others. This happens with my clients as they learn EOS®️ or practice new leadership behaviors. 

It doesn’t work. In fact, it hinders progress and often aggravates other people. 

Becky Roloff quoted her grandfather in my book, Chasing Perfection, saying “If your car is in the ditch, focus on getting the car out of the ditch. Once it’s out of the ditch, find out how it got in the ditch and how to prevent it from getting into the ditch again.” Never rearrange the order of these steps.  

When things aren’t working, there’s no point in ruminating about why they aren’t working – it doesn’t matter. Focus on getting them to work again. Once that’s happening, then dissect what didn’t work and how to correct it forever.  

Systems and processes only work if you consistently work with them and revise as necessary. There is no autopilot; even with a great system you must think. It’s the people using the system who make it work. As I’ve said to clients “the system cannot fix what you’re not doing.” Accountability starts with you. 

Sue HawkesBlame Doesn’t Work #1343