Manufactured Stress #1361 

by Sue Hawkes

Have you ever caught yourself creating stress where there wasn’t really any? Me too. 

I create deadlines all the time. It’s what I do to be effective and accomplish things. 

It’s also a good way to manufacture anxiety, irritability, and cause yourself pain. 

When I catch myself imposing deadlines on house or work projects which really aren’t driven by a deadline, I deescalate my own anxiousness about the future.  

After all, most things are not really time sensitive. 

Yet, because I base a good part of my worth on accomplishment, I can torment myself with deadline driven projects ad nauseum.  

If you’re like me, stop it.  

Pause to realize the infinite ways to make progress, not do it all at once, and keep things moving while enjoying life along the way.  

It’s the undoing of this which offers peace. 

Sue HawkesManufactured Stress #1361