Intention #1366 

by Sue Hawkes

Intention. It sets the course for action and determines what we do and don’t act upon. It’s great to be active and productive, but actions without intention won’t necessarily lead to the result you’re seeking. 

Often, with clients, the data they rely most heavily upon is about what’s already happened. While that’s useful and gives us a 20/20 look backward, it won’t inform us about what actions to change in the moment.  

Setting an intention with no previous knowledge isn’t helpful either; we need to gather enough to at least have an educated guess about what’s possible. 

When you intentionally set a goal for an outcome, you can align your thinking and behaviors to drive what you do and don’t act upon. Without it, you’ll get what you would’ve gotten anyway which usually is not what you wanted. 

If you want “more” money, and articulate it that way, and do nothing different, you should celebrate when you find a penny on the sidewalk. Only you won’t. You’ll likely ignore the penny and complain it isn’t what you meant. What you’re failing to recognize is that you received exactly what you intended. Vague requests beget vague results. Define “more” and dare to go for it.  

If you want excellent results, you’ll need to become intentionally great in thought and action. Discipline and commitment are key. 

Sue HawkesIntention #1366