Your Filter #1368 

by Sue Hawkes

I’m asking myself a question these days which moves me in much more certain directions. It’s become the mantra I need at this time in my life and in business. 

The question is clarifying. It helps me say “no” much more confidently.  

Saying no has created space and confidence as more and more situations are calling for my attention. 

What’s the question?  

Who can I be more of myself with? 

That’s it. When I ask it, certain people, events, and opportunities move forward, and others recede. It helps me depersonalize what I say no to and reinforces my confidence as I let go. 

When I’m fully embracing the uniqueness of my voice and interpretation of the world and am surrounded with space to turn up the volume of who I am, the best version of who I am is expressed. 

How will this question guide you?  

Sue HawkesYour Filter #1368