Small Actions #1374 

by Sue Hawkes

Small acts. These are the most significant things we do.  

Though we’d like to believe it’s the big, challenging, difficult things, it’s not. It’s the consistent small, thoughtful, kind gestures that matter most. 

When you receive the note, text or call that says, “I was just thinking of you.” 

When the flight attendant sees you’re cold and not only brings you a blanket, but also hands you a liter of hot water to place on your lap and rest your hands on (this actually happened – thank you Brian! Delta received rave reviews about you). 

It’s the person who calls to listen…fully.  

It’s the ride when you need it, the errands that are run for you, the offers to pick something up, the details remembered, the Post-it from your co-worker in the box she shipped saying “have a great workshop” which you didn’t expect, it’s the upgraded room at your hotel, and the Uber driver who calls you by name and pays attention to whether you’d prefer conversation or silence. 

When you pay attention amidst a world of messiness and tragedy, there is beauty and grace in equal measure. Your life will unfold according to which experiences you focus upon. Which do you focus on most frequently? If it’s not what you’re intending, adjust accordingly. 

Sue HawkesSmall Actions #1374