Worry Doesn’t Work #1377 

by Sue Hawkes

Worry doesn’t work… even when the world doesn’t make sense, when you’d like to change everything about the circumstances and conditions surrounding you, and things feel out of control. 

Worry is a result of catastrophizing what could be (but isn’t). 

It’s a result of your mind running rampant with all the possibilities for negative outcomes in the future. Could they happen? Sure. 

Will they happen? No one knows. 

When you catch yourself caught up in all the negative possibilities, remind yourself you are robbing yourself of today. The peace, joy, and certainty of now has escaped you.  

Is it worth it? No. you’re wasting time and energy that could be catalyzing what could be in your favor. 

Remembering power, presence, peace, and perseverance lay at the intersection of what you can control and things that matter will help you refocus.  

Don’t give away today for a future that likely won’t happen. 

Sue HawkesWorry Doesn’t Work #1377