Making Up For Lost Time #633

by Sue Hawkes

We had the pleasure of going to experience live music last weekend. It was an incredible opportunity to remember the sensory pleasure of a driving bass lick pulsing through our bodies, the joy and energy created between the band and audience, and the sheer pleasure of reminiscing all that the music embodies in our lives.  This concert was nestled between…

Sue HawkesMaking Up For Lost Time #633

Every Moment Is An Opportunity To Choose #632

by Sue Hawkes

For all of us who deal with our own doubt subtly and directly, great wisdom is found in this Mel Robbins quote:  “Doubting yourself is normal. Letting it stop you is a choice.”  Remember, every moment is an opportunity to choose.  

Sue HawkesEvery Moment Is An Opportunity To Choose #632

Love Is Hard #631

by Sue Hawkes

This quote struck me today. It appeared on my Time Hop from six years ago.   Sometimes, the right message finds you on the same day, years later. Thank you for everyone of you who has not jumped ship. I love you.  “The truth is that the more intimately you know someone, the more clearly you’ll see their flaws. That’s just the…

Sue HawkesLove Is Hard #631

Redefining Yourself #630

by Sue Hawkes

Let me become a student of what’s possible.   And let me become a student of what’s in the way. As the book says, the obstacle is the way.   The question to ask is, “how do I become the kind of person to expect those results? What will it require of me: in my thinking, in my language, in my learning, and in my behavior so I become who I need to be while pursuing what I…

Sue HawkesRedefining Yourself #630

Intentionality #629

by Sue Hawkes

Let’s talk about intentionality. It’s fitting when you host a podcast named “Intentional Greatness.”   What does it mean to be intentional and how does it show up in our world?   I’m a pretty disciplined person at this point in my life. When I say that what I mean is, I intend to have certain results, and if I want them, I ask myself, “who do I need to be and what practices do I…

Sue HawkesIntentionality #629

Producer or Consumer #628

by Sue Hawkes

Are you a producer or a consumer?  It’s not a permanent assessment. We all fluctuate between the two.   It’s great as a business because we need both. Yet, have you considered this mindset in social situations? I have.  I tend to prefer to be a producer, especially when I’m with friends and family. I want to contribute, seek ways to bring value and make things flow. …

Sue HawkesProducer or Consumer #628

Your Standards #627

by Sue Hawkes

I missed acknowledging my brother’s birthday on July 4th.   I recognized it on July 5th and felt terrible.  I promptly communicated, and while this is not the biggest error I’ve made, still didn’t feel great.  I was explaining this in a conversation and the other person offered that it was likely he’s forgotten my birthday in the past as well. In fact, he has.   That didn’t make…

Sue HawkesYour Standards #627

The Relentless Pursuit of Excellence #626

by Sue Hawkes

When I think of excellence, it means something different for me. In fact, we all define what excellence means differently.  At work, excellence is a core value. In fact, we say it’s the “relentless pursuit of excellence” on our little team. It is the single most defining factor for who we attract and retain.  It’s made hiring more challenging, in fact, we’ve had a hard time finding the right person to be…

Sue HawkesThe Relentless Pursuit of Excellence #626

Don’t Drown In Oil #625

by Sue Hawkes

Recently, I was at a conference and the speaker shared that data is “the new oil.” Are you drowning in data? While I appreciate our ability to measure more and more through automation, gathering analytics and deciphering what it all means to make better decisions, I also know the biggest and best run companies I work with follow very few…

Sue HawkesDon’t Drown In Oil #625

Before You Commit #624

by Sue Hawkes

Is it a cost or an investment? When you think about spending money at home or in your business, what’s your mindset? For me, I look at anything with both lenses. Both sets of questions help us gather information. The question is which prompts your most effective results. Cost questions: 1. What other things can’t we do if we spend…

Sue HawkesBefore You Commit #624