Nice #1382 

by Sue Hawkes

Have you ever wished there was less tension during a work meeting?  Me too; and after review, I won’t wish it away.  Tension is related to conflict and conflict creates clarity. While it may be uncomfortable, that tension is what transforms a problem into an opportunity. It’s also transformative for learning. We must diverge to truly be able to converge…

Sue HawkesNice #1382

Your Ideas #1381 

by Sue Hawkes

David Allen says, “our mind is made for having ideas, not for holding ideas.” Those words are music to any Visionary, entrepreneur, and leader. That said, it doesn’t mean all ideas are worthy of action.  To succeed, you must be prepared to apply massive action to your idea, coupled with the persistence to endure the challenges and naysayers, multiplied by…

Sue HawkesYour Ideas #1381

Applying Your Learning #1730 

by Sue Hawkes

Do you really need to learn new things?   I was in a conversation with some people hiring us to present a keynote in a few months and they told me they’d heard all they needed to about one of our topics. We suggested another topic and they said they’d heard that as well.   After more discussion, I suggested they may…

Sue HawkesApplying Your Learning #1730

Reframing Meetings #1379 

by Sue Hawkes

What’s in a meeting?  When you boil it down to the purpose of a meeting, there are many reasons we use to meet, to solve something, to brainstorm, to inform each other, to connect while using our precious time wisely.   Beneath all of that, I believe the primary purpose of every meeting (perhaps every interaction) is to advance our relationships…

Sue HawkesReframing Meetings #1379

Write Your Story #1378 

by Sue Hawkes

Don’t fall in love with any part of your story.  The narrative you live any given day, any given hour is a piece of the fabric that makes us who we are.  If the story forwards you, gives you strength, inspiration, energy and momentum for what matters, share it. Repeat it often and let it guide your thoughts, beliefs, language…

Sue HawkesWrite Your Story #1378

Worry Doesn’t Work #1377 

by Sue Hawkes

Worry doesn’t work… even when the world doesn’t make sense, when you’d like to change everything about the circumstances and conditions surrounding you, and things feel out of control.  Worry is a result of catastrophizing what could be (but isn’t).  It’s a result of your mind running rampant with all the possibilities for negative outcomes in the future. Could they…

Sue HawkesWorry Doesn’t Work #1377

Pause and Listen #1376 

by Sue Hawkes

When you’re grounded in your life and centered in a way that you have perspective, even amongst busyness, commitments and challenges, they are just that – challenges.  When you’re untethered in your life and you’re disrupted at a fundamental level, the smallest interruptions, curve balls, challenges (like traffic) seem like insurmountable events.   Gratitude, Journaling, Sleep and Exercise play a major…

Sue HawkesPause and Listen #1376

Why We Lead #1375 

by Sue Hawkes

As a leader, you have the honor of caring for the tone of your culture daily.   Some days, that may feel like a privilege and other days it may feel like a burden.  What’s the difference? It’s how you’re relating to the complex beings around you and the interpretation you have about how they “should” be versus how they “are.” …

Sue HawkesWhy We Lead #1375

Small Actions #1374 

by Sue Hawkes

Small acts. These are the most significant things we do.   Though we’d like to believe it’s the big, challenging, difficult things, it’s not. It’s the consistent small, thoughtful, kind gestures that matter most.  When you receive the note, text or call that says, “I was just thinking of you.”  When the flight attendant sees you’re cold and not only brings…

Sue HawkesSmall Actions #1374

Managing Time #1373 

by Sue Hawkes

How much time do you need?  What if you began every endeavor with this question? Without knowing the details or being able to assess what you believe is a reasonable amount of time, how would that change the amount of time you’d allow for certain activities?  When I used to work with leadership teams, I asked this question before I…

Sue HawkesManaging Time #1373