The Gateway to Humility #938 

by Sue Hawkes

“Raise your words, not voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.”  ― Rumi  Last week, I lost my temper. Though I apologized quickly, it doesn’t matter, I can’t take it back. My words won’t be unheard. It may be forgiven and even forgotten, but it doesn’t change the impact.  It wasn’t the first time; I can work to be…

Sue HawkesThe Gateway to Humility #938

Her Unmistakable Tether #937

by Sue Hawkes

I had the gift of a few hours with my dear friend’s parents recently. They were in town visiting family and honoring her on the second anniversary of completing her dance with cancer. It was a wonderful way to grieve, connect and reminisce. Bittersweet with memories and love with her unmistakable tether uniting us. She was present, it was palpable.…

Sue HawkesHer Unmistakable Tether #937

Always #936 

by Sue Hawkes

I talk a lot about core values being the touchstone for cultural accountability with our clients. Recently, one of our newer clients was reviewing their values in our session and emphatically sharing how their many new hires were receiving them well.  As they described, these bright, shiny, new people loved the core values during the hiring process, and they were…

Sue HawkesAlways #936

What Dorothy Said #935 

by Sue Hawkes

Time together builds connection.  We have a chosen family. We prefer this term to step or blended. It’s required intentional attention to become close, and it’s worth it.  This summer, we’ve spent several weekends at our lake home on the water, playing games, talking, and laughing. While you’d think it would get old, it doesn’t. At least not for me. …

Sue HawkesWhat Dorothy Said #935

Reshaping the Curve #934 

by Sue Hawkes

Did you know most learners will forget 90% of what they have learned within the first seven days? It’s called the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve.  The basic premise is that unless we consciously do something to retain newly acquired information, we’ll forget it. In fact, the forgetting curve is exponential in nature.   Most of the forgetting occurs within the first hour…

Sue HawkesReshaping the Curve #934

Kinda #933 

by Sue Hawkes

“Kinda will kill you. This is where good companies go to die.”  Mike Paton said this during a recent collaborative exchange and we all took note.   When you approach anything with a halfhearted, good enough is good enough attitude, it’s over.   You’ve begun the erosion fueled by mediocrity, settling where commitment would change the game.  As a leader, one of…

Sue HawkesKinda #933

That’s Impact #932 

by Sue Hawkes

When you meet a wise soul, spend time with them.   I feel honored to have been mentored and coached by some really amazing humans in my lifetime. They strike me as wise souls. Never pushing anything, always asking questions that make me think.   Not just passing thoughts – probing, reflective thoughts.  When they speak, it seems as if their words…

Sue HawkesThat’s Impact #932

The Sum #931 

by Sue Hawkes

When you think about your team, do you recognize you’ll only go as far and as fast as the sum of all?  It isn’t about any one of you, it’s about the collective. The intangible, connective tissue that bonds the team and makes those overlaps and gaps between you irrelevant.  It’s about finding resources, accelerating what can be done and…

Sue HawkesThe Sum #931

Old Conversations Die Hard #930 

by Sue Hawkes

Time to think.   Henry Ford said, “thinking is the hardest work you’ll ever do, that’s why so few people do it.”   For years, I worked hard to justify time spent doing little to nothing. It felt like a waste. After all, I’m a productive, doer. How could I spend time doing nothing if I hadn’t earned it?  This is a…

Sue HawkesOld Conversations Die Hard #930

It Begins Here #929 

by Sue Hawkes

“If you’re your own worst enemy, you don’t need any others.” Dan Sullivan  When I consider the days I’ve ruminated on what I’ve done wrong, how I am wrong, what I could’ve or should’ve done, it’s a vast amount of time. Add to it the judgment of my body, hair, behavior, or anything else about my physical being, it’s a…

Sue HawkesIt Begins Here #929