11 Things You Can Control During Change #408

by Sue Hawkes

2020 keeps pushing us, it is a year of change and discomfort. Change and discomfort provide the perfect environment for learning. Learning is where we can get better and wiser…if we choose to.  I have talked about staying focused on the intersection of the things that matter and the things you can control (blog #344). Let’s dissect this a bit, because every so often (hourly sometimes), this year has felt…

Sue Hawkes11 Things You Can Control During Change #408

Can You Value Both Worlds #407

by Sue Hawkes

Can You Value Both Worlds? #407  Some of us are settling into our home offices in a new way. Me, I’m upgrading mine.   Prior to the Spring of 2020, my home office would’ve been at the bottom of my list for renovations and investment, I spent most of my days with leadership teams at my office or in their cities. Now, as we adjust to…

Sue HawkesCan You Value Both Worlds #407

People Are Watching #406

by Sue Hawkes

“One day you will tell your story of how you’ve overcome what you’re going through now, and it will become part of someone else’s survival guide.”  When you think of your life and legacy, do you realize you are being observed?  As a leader, you must realize you are always being observed. Whether you’re aware of it at the moment or not,…

Sue HawkesPeople Are Watching #406

When You're Ready #405

by Sue Hawkes

I heard it enough times I finally did it.  If you’ve heard when you want something, write it down, it works.  If you’ve heard  that once it’s written you should put it in front of you where you’ll see it every day and consciously or unconsciously you will register it, recognize it and be working on it, and thought, yeah, but…I have…

Sue HawkesWhen You're Ready #405

100% #404

by Sue Hawkes

Have you ever had an experience where it seems time stopped?  I know you have. This is the experience of being fully present. Does it happen often in your world?  If not, it’s time to pause.   Who gets 100% of you? You know, 100% of your undivided attention. Yep, 100%. UN-divided.  If you’re searching for an answer, if any guilt showed up with the…

Sue Hawkes100% #404

Why Did I Do It That Way #403

by Sue Hawkes

Why Did I Do It That Way? August is a great time of year. It’s always been the month for school shopping, last vacations, enjoying the long, hot, dog days of summer and the State Fair. When the State Fair is over, it symbolizes the end to the summer in my world.   Only this year, there is no State Fair, and school’s a mess, and the…

Sue HawkesWhy Did I Do It That Way #403

Empty Your Inbox #402

by Sue Hawkes

Email. It can be the bane of our existence, but it’s necessary, right?  Or is it?  In the past year, I’ve diminished my email significantly. How? Here’s what I did:  I took part of a Sunday and did a massive overhaul while clearing my inbox. I had to repeat this a second time because it got away from me, so…

Sue HawkesEmpty Your Inbox #402

Until The Unsaid Is Spoken #401

by Sue Hawkes

An unenforced rule is not a rule; it’s a suggestion. Keith Cunningham  If you’re a leader who desires to create a thriving culture, you must enforce consequences. With growth, we need more structure, and structure creates freedom.   That’s right, when you know what the rules are, you can play the game. If you think you’re playing basketball, you’ll wear a…

Sue HawkesUntil The Unsaid Is Spoken #401

40% TO GOAL #400

by Sue Hawkes

40%. For whatever reason, that number feels significant. While I’m not quite halfway, I’m close and haven’t missed a day, so I believe it will happen – reaching 1,000 daily blog posts as challenged by Seth Godin.  2020 has certainly provided quite a number of topics to write about, and, the very nature of change this year offered many process changes, including to my…

Sue Hawkes40% TO GOAL #400

Time to Make Some Changes #399

by Sue Hawkes

You’ll get what you tolerate.   At a recent QCE (Quarterly Collaborative Exchange) meeting for EOS, several people referred to this concept. There are many people this quote is attributed to including Mike Ditka and Henry Cloud.  When you consider it literally, it renders you entirely responsible for how people treat you. Freedom resides in this kind of responsibility.  If you’re ready for change,…

Sue HawkesTime to Make Some Changes #399