It’s All Temporary #1020 

by Sue Hawkes

One of the many gems I’ve learned from Gino Wickman is how the economy occurs in 10-year cycles. His mentor, Sam Cupp, shared this simple, reliable, and accurate way to think about business: …in any 10-year cycle, you’ll have 2 amazing years, 6 steady, solid years and 2 years that could put you out of business.  As we look at…

Sue HawkesIt’s All Temporary #1020

Outside In #1019 

by Sue Hawkes

Part of my focus this year on gratitude, simplicity, and order is about changing my mindset and habits. Really everything flows from there. When I change my mindset, my new actions make sense. Peace and ease are the result.  As my world has grown complicated and challenging this year, I’m finding joy in reducing the “stuff” of my life. When…

Sue HawkesOutside In #1019

Effectively Efficient (Part 2) #1018 

by Sue Hawkes

Thank you for the positive response to our Effectively Efficient (Part 1) #1011 blog!   In response to your comments, I wanted to create a clear distinction suggesting where each term makes sense in terms of your success.  Early in the process, becoming effective is important. At the start of any endeavor, it’s more important to create results, show progress and…

Sue HawkesEffectively Efficient (Part 2) #1018

Transcending Business #1017 

by Sue Hawkes

One of the joys we have at YESS! is working with clients we consider friends and family.  It’s a joy because the vast majority of them feel the same way.   When it comes time to making a connection, hiring a partner, making a referral, or helping others solve problems, our first thought is to connect everyone to our clients first.  …

Sue HawkesTranscending Business #1017

Three Constants to Grow #1016 

by Sue Hawkes

When asked about how to stay informed, challenge routine thinking, and keep up with the world, I use these three resources. With all the content available, I find myself searching for those resources which inform, challenge my thinking, and deliver high value in short form on a daily or weekly basis.   My three constants for weekly high net value for…

Sue HawkesThree Constants to Grow #1016

Work To Do #1015 

by Sue Hawkes

The challenge is real with mental health.  Finding ways to help others with the struggle is not easy.   Whether we admit it or not, our world stigmatizes and dismisses mental health issues. Our systems make it difficult to receive comprehensive care, insurance doesn’t recognize its legitimacy, navigating the resources requires time, dedication and just short of an advanced degree to…

Sue HawkesWork To Do #1015

About Happiness #1014 

by Sue Hawkes

James Clear shares that “happiness is simply the absence of desire…Happiness is not about the achievement of pleasure (which is joy or satisfaction), but about the lack of desire. It arrives when you have no urge to feel differently. Happiness is the state you enter when you no longer want to change your state.”  As I contemplate my own experience,…

Sue HawkesAbout Happiness #1014

Sharing Music and So Much More #1013 

by Sue Hawkes

Do you have a favorite playlist?   I do. I have many.   In fact, one of my favorite things to do is to come up with the music to set the perfect ambiance for gatherings. I enjoy thinking about who will be there, what the purpose of the event is – social, learning, thinking, fun, connecting…  It’s a small thing, and…

Sue HawkesSharing Music and So Much More #1013

Gratitude, Simplicity, Order #1012 

by Sue Hawkes

Gratitude, simplicity, order.  This is my filtering recipe for 2023.   I’m going to apply these three words in concert as often as possible to guide my thinking, decisions, priorities, and actions for 2023. I’ve incorporated them into my personal plan and also hope my team will align with them for our business this year.  As I release a box a…

Sue HawkesGratitude, Simplicity, Order #1012

Effectively Efficient #1011 (Part 1)

by Sue Hawkes

Being efficient and effective are important to me. In fact, they may be a love language! 😊  This week, two of my teams focused on language as they set their goals for the year, so we promptly dug into our dictionary to discern the difference between efficient and effective.   According to,   Efficient = performing or functioning in the best…

Sue HawkesEffectively Efficient #1011 (Part 1)