Showing People You Care #519

by Sue Hawkes

How do we appreciate people?  With Valentine’s day right around the corner, it’s a great question to ask.   Regardless of our manufactured holidays, most of us offer love and appreciation in the same way we’d like to receive it, which often doesn’t work.   Gary Chapman’s work, The Five Love Languages helps us do better and his work with Dr. Paul White helps us with appreciation in the…

Sue HawkesShowing People You Care #519

Becoming A Bridge #518

by Sue Hawkes

Meaningful dialog changes outcomes.  It can alter the message and the messenger. Often, we miss the openings and are too busy with our own agenda to hear the other person’s pain, challenge, or the exact message being conveyed because we are triggered (emotionally hijacked) by some part of what’s being said.  My daughters were having a tough conversation between themselves and I was…

Sue HawkesBecoming A Bridge #518

When In Doubt #517

by Sue Hawkes

Do you ever seek advice when you already know the answer? You know, the right answer. For YOU, not the right answer for others.  Me too.   There are great questions to ask when people seek you for advice, here are a few:  What do you think?  If you knew the answer, what would it be?  Can you tell me more?  …

Sue HawkesWhen In Doubt #517

Another Turn Around The Sun #516

by Sue Hawkes

Birthdays are funny, they are a wonderful and commemorative way to reflect on what a difference a year can make.  2020 is one for the books for most of us.   Certainly, there have been as many highlights as challenges, yet the older I get, the more the years seem to accelerate and bring the preciousness of time into focus.   As…

Sue HawkesAnother Turn Around The Sun #516

Need More Time? #514

by Sue Hawkes

Abundance.   It’s an easy word and concept to grasp. It’s MORE than enough. describes it as “fullness to overflowing.”  Seems simple enough. Until I think about time. It’s one of the greatest areas to improve relative to my own growth.  There are moments where it seems there is more than enough time, then there are the moments I stress myself efforting to get it all…

Sue HawkesNeed More Time? #514

Do You Need A Reset? #513

by Sue Hawkes

Do you need a reset? Me too.  Whenever I hit the wall or find life starts to look, sound and feel routine, I know it’s time to check in.  How do I do it?   We’ve created a short course (takes less than an hour and can be split up over several days or weeks) to help you.  If you’re feeling like you’re stuck, in a rut, bored,…

Sue HawkesDo You Need A Reset? #513

Don’t Do The Same Thing #512

by Sue Hawkes

Do you need to shake up your routine?  The more people I talk with right now, the more I’m hearing how their days blend into one another. Granted, we live in Minnesota and winter is more of a challenge than summer during this pandemic year.  What can you do?   Get creative.   Think about what you can do at work to shake it…

Sue HawkesDon’t Do The Same Thing #512

Your Next Is Now #511

by Sue Hawkes

It’s time to check in.   How are you doing with your 2021 resolutions or intentions?  If you are going strong: Awesome, amazing and kudos. Discipline is your backbone and you’ve got a great streak going. Whether it was sober January, new exercise habits, meditation, journaling, sleep or a hobby, congratulations! For some of us, participating in the Whole Life Challenge ( is a concert of these things scaled down…

Sue HawkesYour Next Is Now #511

The Pace of Change #510

by Sue Hawkes

“Communication is a contact sport. Connect. Speak one-on-one, even in a group of 100. Make them care. Smile. Be plain-spoken and persuasive. Learn how others see you. Be a storyteller. Take advantage of unplanned humor. Keep it simple, sweetheart. Safe is a dangerous place to be – get outside your comfort zone. Have a point of view. Make a difference.…

Sue HawkesThe Pace of Change #510

I Can’t Wait #509

by Sue Hawkes

I’m not tired, I’m fatigued.   I’m getting sleep, but I’m not rested. The fatigue is from the mental challenge. The perpetual thinking I must do right now. It’s exhausting at times. I want a break and there seems to be no time for a break when balls are dropping and it’s messy.  Ever felt this way knowing you need to rest and take care of yourself? Me too.  …

Sue HawkesI Can’t Wait #509