Your Hour #1299 

by Sue Hawkes

You owe yourself one hour a day for self-care. It can include reading, writing, yoga, exercise, dancing, meditation, painting, or whatever, but you owe it to yourself. One hour, 1/24 of your day.  That’s less than 5%.  It matters, it really does. Make it count.  At one point in my life, I read this and yet I still couldn’t find…

Sue HawkesYour Hour #1299

Reframing Failure #1298 

by Sue Hawkes

Is it really failure when things don’t work? Often, we look at the lack of results we intended as a failure, when perhaps it’s something more.   I am a learner; I often refer to myself as a lifelong learner. I value reading, learning organically and in workshops, from digital sources and books, and really any challenge to my thinking is…

Sue HawkesReframing Failure #1298

Choose the 20% #1297 

by Sue Hawkes

As a leader, you’re tasked with two things: leading people and managing results. If you can do both well, you are the magician most of us want on our team.   Any given day, you can defer to the easier of the two given your skillset. Certainly results, when mostly attainable from our own actions, are easier. When you begin to…

Sue HawkesChoose the 20% #1297

Full Commitment #1296 

by Sue Hawkes

Commitment. Your 100% commitment only happens when you weigh in, discuss, debate, and challenge ideas, issues, and opportunities in an unfiltered way. If you withhold, even a little, (like choosing to “pick your battles” or conserve your energy for a better time), you can’t be in 100%.   One of the best results from healthy discussion and debate is that when…

Sue HawkesFull Commitment #1296

Overcome the Overwhelm #1295 

by Sue Hawkes

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed, thinking “I just can’t do it all,” I have a way to reframe that thinking. It’s become a muscle I’ve exercised enough to move through these moments and quit wasting time. Yes, overwhelm is a waste of time – I am the one who overcommitted, and I am the one who needs to be in action…

Sue HawkesOvercome the Overwhelm #1295

A Graceful Mindset #1294 

by Sue Hawkes

Extending grace offers new pathways.  When you can remain curious during challenging times, keeping an open mind and an open heart, a new space for trust emerges.  The world is not either/or.   The mindset necessary to traverse great divides in opinion, perspective, and beliefs is a tricky balance of suspending what you believe long enough to consider an alternate point…

Sue HawkesA Graceful Mindset #1294

Stuck in the Predictable #1293 

by Sue Hawkes

Old habits die hard.   No matter how many opportunities I have to recognize the patterns I have which inform my behaviors, I am continuously surprised how it confronts my thinking when a pattern is interrupted. Today, all the parking spaces I “usually” park in were full.   When I realized I was driving around our relatively small parking lot to see…

Sue HawkesStuck in the Predictable #1293

Your Work’s Impact #1292 

by Sue Hawkes

What can you do to change, improve, impact, and engage others?  It’s a big question. Do you wake up wondering how you can maximize your impact for yourself, your team at work, your company, your community, perhaps even the world?  If not, why?  What if you imagined 50% of your work was doing your job impeccably, as if how you…

Sue HawkesYour Work’s Impact #1292

Real Alignment #1291 

by Sue Hawkes

Pay attention to actions, not words. People can tell you all they want, but who they are speaks so loudly you can’t hear them.    When people tell you one thing and demonstrate another, trust their actions. Our actions always follow our thinking, beliefs, and intentions.   When words and actions conflict, it tells you the person is comfortable being dishonest…

Sue HawkesReal Alignment #1291

Your Routine #1290 

by Sue Hawkes

What sets up a winning day?  Arguably, most people have a morning routine. Does it serve what you need it to? Are you setting yourself up for success or have you fallen into a habitual series of actions that deter from your best day?  Three questions to consider for an effective day:  If you begin your day hitting snooze with…

Sue HawkesYour Routine #1290