How to Make Meaningful Changes #752 

by Sue Hawkes

Making meaningful changes in my routine requires intentionality.  When I take my time annually to review the year, I begin with my calendar and use Tim Ferriss’ PYR to evaluate. That’s where I am in my process as I write this. I’ve made my lists and will now look into 2022 with more clarity.  My first task is booking vacations with my husband. We…

Sue HawkesHow to Make Meaningful Changes #752

Peaceful and Peace Full #751 

by Sue Hawkes

There is something wonderful about snowfall.  As I sit enjoying the steady drift of fragile crystals gently floating to the ground, delicately covering the bare spaces with a white dusting, I am peace full.   Filled with peace in a way Spring, Summer and Fall cannot offer. Stillness inside and outside, no sound, simply peaceful and peace full.  When my calendar…

Sue HawkesPeaceful and Peace Full #751

75% To Goal (750/1,000) #750 

by Sue Hawkes

For those playing along, this is the summary I write every 50 posts sharing my lessons while writing a blog every day in my journey to 1,000. This began when I accepted Seth Godin’s challenge from this blog post.   Again, randomly certain numbers matter more to me. 75%, ¾, seems most of the way there. Suddenly my mind is chiming in with “you’ve got…

Sue Hawkes75% To Goal (750/1,000) #750

2022 Will Be Lighter #749 

by Sue Hawkes

New year, new you.  Tired of that meme? Me too.  We embrace an artificial reset every year – at least many people do – when the year and the holidays move us to a new number on the calendar.  For me, I embraced this years ago, and didn’t question it until it was habit.   What I love about it is…

Sue Hawkes2022 Will Be Lighter #749

Your Pace, Your Promise #748 

by Sue Hawkes

New technology pushes me.  I have a love hate relationship with new technology.  Prior to purchase, I look forward to it and the results of what it enables are seductive and motivating. If I find a deal online, it moves me to act. Whether I contemplate for a minute or a month, I am excited to be more efficient and effective by…

Sue HawkesYour Pace, Your Promise #748

Be The Solution #747

by Sue Hawkes

“What can I help you with?” What a great question. It opens the door to learning, partnership, and collaboration. Many years ago, when I was in a state of overwhelm, I called a friend to talk and in the process of doing so I broke down in tears. She patiently listened and when I finished verbally vomiting on her, she…

Sue HawkesBe The Solution #747

A Great Undoing #746 

by Sue Hawkes

How do you change the outcome when you feel overwhelmed, hopeless, or stuck?  You need to ask a new question.  What a mind-blowing concept. I was introduced to a powerful question from Dan Sullivan. He said when you consider doing something new, ask “how can I achieve this doing nothing?”  What?  I’m a doer. A question like this has never occurred to me other than this…

Sue HawkesA Great Undoing #746

Merry Christmas #745 

by Sue Hawkes

Merry Christmas!  Whether this is one of your holidays to gather or not, I hope your day is filled with connection, meaning and laughter beyond any material gifts.   I hope you reflect on 2021 with joy and admiration for all you navigated.   I hope you are present to those around you and those who are no longer with us.  I…

Sue HawkesMerry Christmas #745

Time to Take a Break #744 

by Sue Hawkes

In my travels and work this time of year I have the honor of working with leaders to improve their team health. Let’s just say 2021 has been a doozy.  As you make the time to take a break over the end of year, please do exactly that: take a break.  We’re tired. Not just some of us, all of…

Sue HawkesTime to Take a Break #744

Indelible Marks on Your Heart #743 

by Sue Hawkes

What are your gifts from 2021?  When you consider the challenges, wins, ups and downs of this messy year, what’s been most impactful for you in business, as a leader and in your life?  When I think about this question amidst the holidays, I have quick top of mind answers. They don’t serve me in truly reflecting about what’s significant…

Sue HawkesIndelible Marks on Your Heart #743