Don’t Confuse The Two #575

by Sue Hawkes

Consumption is not the same as engagement.  Are you ready to get back to meeting in person? If you said, “Hell yes!” I’m in your camp. I’m also a big fan of meeting online effectively. I’m looking to an integrated approach as we move into 2021.  Our world is messy right now. We are emerging out of the pandemic at our own paces and with our own concerns.…

Sue HawkesDon’t Confuse The Two #575

Do What You Say #574

by Sue Hawkes

Following up is a superpower.   I’ve determined one of the most powerful differentiators is that simple. If you promise someone something, do it when you said you would.  Too often, we all promise things absentmindedly. We don’t consider all the competing commitments we have and often, choose to negotiate with the kindest person we can disappoint, assuming they understand.  If this is a…

Sue HawkesDo What You Say #574

Remembering #573

by Sue Hawkes

I’ve reposted this quote twice, so it clearly touches me. I’m sharing it to support us all in remembering who we are today. I don’t know who needs it today, but here you go. Enjoy!  “Dear Human:  You’ve got it all wrong. You didn’t come here to master unconditional love. That is where you came from and where you’ll return.  You came here to learn personal love. Universal love. Messy…

Sue HawkesRemembering #573

This Works, Try It #572

by Sue Hawkes

Breaking down and thinking through blog #571 is on my mind.   I’ve now blown up the image and posted it on the wall behind my computer monitor so I see it and practice daily. (please see blog 571 for the photo if you haven’t printed it)  I’m enjoying the reminder to check in on or connect with someone daily. I do this, yet with intention…

Sue HawkesThis Works, Try It #572

I Think This Could Work #571

by Sue Hawkes

The picture above was shared with me from Mahtab over a year ago. As I read the questions, it seems to have captured the essence of what it takes to make everyday count, quarantine or not.   This simple recipe isn’t good only in crisis, it’s good every day.  Imagining a world where every person began their day using this template makes me believe we…

Sue HawkesI Think This Could Work #571

Room For Each Of Us #570

by Sue Hawkes

When it’s an emotionally challenging time I remind myself, this is nothing new.   We’ve lived through difficulties, death, trauma, tragedy and conflict before. Certainly, it seems like it’s painfully exaggerated by the pandemic.   Yet, when I turn to writing, music and art, I find comfort.   Nature helps, exercise and self-care work.   Laughter, relationships and conversation make it feel better.  Ensuring I find goodness and connection when it’s hard is the path forward. It’s not easy, but we’ll get…

Sue HawkesRoom For Each Of Us #570

To Your Health #569

by Sue Hawkes

A friend posted this last week and it was one of the best reframes I’ve seen for those of us on the journey to consistently and incrementally get better every day. I took some liberties and edited for language I believed to be more forwarding, but the message remains intact.  It made so much sense, I had to share.  May we all follow a…

Sue HawkesTo Your Health #569

Let The Candles Speak #568

by Sue Hawkes

This struck a chord for me as I think of our world (and specifically Minneapolis) right now. It’s not about any one thing, it’s about so many things.  For many of us, we are grieving. In a collective, heavy and solitary way.  As I read this poem by Patricia McKernon Runkle, it offered direction for me. I’m certain someone needs to hear this as well:  WHEN YOU MEET SOMEONE DEEP…

Sue HawkesLet The Candles Speak #568

Productivity Is Overrated #567

by Sue Hawkes

Changing behavior is challenging.   When your habits have lead you to success in various forms as a direct result of those habits, they’re doubly hard to break.  When I think of being productive, it’s in my nature to use as many minutes of my waking hours as possible to create results.  This leads me to push myself and work harder…

Sue HawkesProductivity Is Overrated #567

Will You Be The Space? #566

by Sue Hawkes

Finding peace these days isn’t easy for me.  As a privileged person, I’m tired. Those friends around me are tired.  And yet, when I look at a still, calm lake reflecting the images of the sky and it’s surroundings, I am at once still and at peace.   How can I bring that experience to others? To clear enough space in myself to witness what’s real for them and…

Sue HawkesWill You Be The Space? #566