Winning Every Day #928 

by Sue Hawkes

Structure frees creativity and structure creates freedom.  I’d like to say I’m smarter than my dog, but some days I wonder. When we moved four years ago, our bulldog, Spanky was lost. He struggled for a few weeks with the new location, routine, and loss of what he formerly relied upon to navigate his days and the familiar environment. He…

Sue HawkesWinning Every Day #928

Don’t Be Swayed #927 

by Sue Hawkes

I gave up email July 1, 2022. If you’re playing along, you know this. It’s been so positively freeing it’s hard to describe. You can see my autoresponder here: [email protected] if you’re interested.  I’m sharing this as I’ve received texts and calls, social media shout outs and personal appreciation for having done this. I’ve been bolstered on and am grateful…

Sue HawkesDon’t Be Swayed #927

Increasing Your Peace #926 

by Sue Hawkes

Travel is still challenging these days. If you’ve been going East, you can feel every word of that statement.  And yet, travel is improving daily to the point of feeling how it was pre-pandemic. Fingers crossed; the winter is coming!  When I know I’m on the road, no matter the length of the trip, because I’ve flown a decent amount,…

Sue HawkesIncreasing Your Peace #926

Begin by Asking #925 

by Sue Hawkes

Questions are a leader’s most powerful tool.  When you lead well, you learn to ask more than tell. There’s a distinction between teaching and leading. For the team, they can become blurred when the leader blurs those lines.  Teaching means showing, telling, correcting, learning, and generating. Leading is involved, but the outcome is clear: transition competencies and accountability.   For many…

Sue HawkesBegin by Asking #925

Better Together #924 

by Sue Hawkes

It’s amazing to witness someone emerging into their greatness….and it’s even better when they are related to you.  Seeing people embrace beautiful, powerful aspects of themselves that shine through your eyes, previously invisible through their eyes is a gift.  As I watch the metamorphosis of my adult children, I’m appreciative of who they are. Perfectly wonderful in their own ways,…

Sue HawkesBetter Together #924

Curiosity Velocity #923 

by Sue Hawkes

I was learning with Dr. David Cooperrider, the man credited with creating Appreciative Inquiry. It was a rich experience drenched in goodness. I mean, when it’s called appreciative inquiry, what else would it be?  Consider flipping your script, asking only forwarding questions, redirecting your language to be positive, appreciative, generative, and abundant.  It’s not about denial, fluff or what some…

Sue HawkesCuriosity Velocity #923

You’re Only as Strong As… #922 

by Sue Hawkes

“The task of leadership is to create alignment of strengths to make a systems’ weaknesses irrelevant.” – Peter Drucker  When you think about it, no system is perfect. In fact, all are flawed.  Yet, when you think about leadership, alignment is the sum of all talents, thoughts, ambitions, insights, beliefs, and behaviors. Your company can only go as fast and…

Sue HawkesYou’re Only as Strong As… #922

Stop and Ask #921 

by Sue Hawkes

We can take so much for granted, at least I can.   I was with a group recently and two questions were posed from the authors of the book The Business of Race (Gina Greenlee and Margaret H. Greenberg):  What is the relevance of race in your business?  How do you identify?  What’s interesting is that as I sat in lengthy…

Sue HawkesStop and Ask #921

Graceful Evolution #920 

by Sue Hawkes

Letting go gracefully is an art. It’s not easy to “end” a relationship, a career, or anything else you’ve done long enough to call it habitual.  As I work with teams and evaluate my own experience, when something you’ve been committed to is ending as you know it, your feelings compete with your thoughts resulting in complexity. How can you…

Sue HawkesGraceful Evolution #920

Letting Go of the Predictable #919 

by Sue Hawkes

When I go to a new restaurant, I have a favorite question I ask of the server which almost always lends to an incredible experience – with the food and the service.  After some dialogue and rapport building with the server, I’ll ask them what their favorite menu items are. If they’re aligned with my preferences, I’ll ask them “if…

Sue HawkesLetting Go of the Predictable #919