Creating Connection #446

by Sue Hawkes

Are you concerned about how to stay “connected” over the winter? Many people are.  In fact, it’s a source of discussions with most of my clients. Leaders are looking for meaningful ways to support employees and each other when distanced. The concern is a lack of connection.  Few will dispute that 2020 has offered more opportunities to grow, redesign, learn, redirect and…

Sue HawkesCreating Connection #446

The Difference Maker #445

by Sue Hawkes

Consistency. It’s elusive to many of us.  When learning, it’s the deal maker.  When seeking mastery, it separates those who excel from those who don’t.  In any situation where you seek to deliver excellence, from cooking to performing, doing your work to playing sports, learning an instrument or a new language, art, leadership or any other venture – it requires consistency.  Without it, you will find reasons…

Sue HawkesThe Difference Maker #445

Perspective Is Everything #444

by Sue Hawkes

It’s interesting how the same circumstances appear differently at different times.  Living in Minnesota affords one of the most wonderful arrays of changing weather you could ask for. We’ve just entered into the splendor of Fall and the transition into Winter is testing us in tiny bits.  At this time of year, I over dress. I find being outside on a 36-degree day near a…

Sue HawkesPerspective Is Everything #444

Will You Find A Way? #443

by Sue Hawkes

“If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.”   Jim Rohn  Have you ever thought successful people looked, well a bit crazy, certainly obsessive?  This is because if you want to make it, to achieve something extraordinary, you must do the work like others can’t, won’t or don’t.   Doing the work as a hobby won’t cut…

Sue HawkesWill You Find A Way? #443

Resilience Is A Choice #442

by Sue Hawkes

Resilience is a choice. I’m hearing many leaders talking about the winter, what it means for their employees relative to the weather and the potential isolation it can offer to some people. How can we as leaders empower people to be safe, lead our teams, keep our businesses running in a healthy manner and support those around us – whether…

Sue HawkesResilience Is A Choice #442

Loss or Gain, You Choose #441

by Sue Hawkes

2020. So many people are wishing it away…I’ve certainly had my moments. Yet I challenge myself to rise to never wishing time away when I catch it. Life is short, we do not have the luxury of negative thoughts or wishing away our time. It’s a finite resource and you can’t reclaim it once it’s gone. It’s like inventory expiring…

Sue HawkesLoss or Gain, You Choose #441

No More Virtual Meetings #440

by Sue Hawkes

If you’ve been reading the blog consistently, you’ve heard me say I’ve dropped the word “virtual” from talking about online or digital meetings. The reason? It suggests they’re not real. Like “virtual” reality.  It’s not reality, right?  While working with my teams online or in person, I’ve heard my share of comments ranging from   I’m drained after meetings all day…  I’d…

Sue HawkesNo More Virtual Meetings #440

The Secret To Having Energy After Hours Online (or in person!) #439

by Sue Hawkes

What’s in a meeting?  When you boil it down to the purpose of a meeting, there are many reasons we use to meet, to solve something, to brainstorm, to inform each other, to connect while using our precious time wisely.   Beneath all of that, I believe the primary purpose of every meeting (perhaps every interaction) is to advance our relationships with…

Sue HawkesThe Secret To Having Energy After Hours Online (or in person!) #439

Adaptability Quotient #438

by Sue Hawkes

Have you traveled?  I have, in a limited amount, and like everything this year, it’s different.  After a recent trip, I returned home to the workload waiting when you travel which is often substantial. Travel always sounded glamourous and exciting until I started doing it with frequency for work. The reality of traveling in a COVID-19 world equates to many changes, including masks and the lesser number of passengers.…

Sue HawkesAdaptability Quotient #438

Act Your Way To Better Thinking #437

by Sue Hawkes

What could possibly go wrong?  It’s a beautiful fall day, I’ve returned from a rare trip out east for work and my computer had been acting up the week prior. Thanks to the magic of how tech works these days, our amazing IT partner works on my system remotely and pronounces my system at my home office “fixed” while I’m away.  What could…

Sue HawkesAct Your Way To Better Thinking #437