3 Steps to Limit Self-Doubt Part 2 #1124 

by Sue Hawkes

Today I’m continuing yesterday’s blog about ways to limit self-doubt. Let’s jump into the other steps!   Step 2: Be Vulnerable with Others  Being vulnerable is crucial when overcoming self-doubt, and that can be difficult at first! The times we are feeling less than our best are usually when we would rather “fake it till we make it,” and pretend like…

Sue Hawkes3 Steps to Limit Self-Doubt Part 2 #1124

3 Steps to Limit Self-Doubt Part 1 #1123 

by Sue Hawkes

Most leaders project a calm, confident exterior to the world, but beneath that calm public exterior may lurk the fear of being found out as a fraud. We wonder, “what if they discover I’m not who I’m pretending to be?” Or “I don’t really know what I’m doing. I’m just making it up as I go along.” In fact, the…

Sue Hawkes3 Steps to Limit Self-Doubt Part 1 #1123

Know Your Why #1222 

by Sue Hawkes

In the journey to success, the size and meaning of your “why” matters significantly. Your “why” is your driving force, the reason you keep pushing forward despite obstacles.  Think about successful people – they didn’t have everything figured out from the start any more than you did. What set them apart was their compelling “why.” Whether it’s chasing a dream…

Sue HawkesKnow Your Why #1222

Don’t Stand Still #1221 

by Sue Hawkes

I’ve said it before, discomfort = pain.   In place of learning new things, it’s easy to get comfortable and embrace the status quo.   True progress isn’t born from complacency; it thrives when we’re in harmony with our aspirations and our challenges.  Growth, in its purest form, is a dynamic journey that demands we step outside our comfort zones. When we…

Sue HawkesDon’t Stand Still #1221

Letting Go of Perfection #1220 

by Sue Hawkes

Hi all, Ali here! I’m taking over today’s blog to share an insight I’ve gained during the last 90 days. Over the course of my career, I’ve struggled with perfectionism and have found that being a leader means conquering that urge in order to get things done. I wanted to share my tips here should you have emerging leaders who…

Sue HawkesLetting Go of Perfection #1220

Shatter the Illusion of Work-Life Balance: Part 2 #1219 

by Sue Hawkes

In yesterday’s blog I shattered the myth of work-life balance, sharing that for busy leaders, work-life integration (or work-life blend) is a better pursuit. As I’ve navigated the different stages of my career and home life, the practices below have been critical to my success. Give them a try!   Align Your Calendar with Your Values  In order to achieve work-life…

Sue HawkesShatter the Illusion of Work-Life Balance: Part 2 #1219

Shatter the Illusion of Work-Life Balance: Part 1 #1218 

by Sue Hawkes

As leaders, we hear about work-life balance all the time. Whether it’s parenting blogs, social media, or workshops at leadership conferences, the chase for work-life balance is everywhere. Yet for busy leaders with demanding careers, work-life balance is just not possible. What is possible, however, is work-life integration.   In this two-part blog I’m sharing the top tools I use to…

Sue HawkesShatter the Illusion of Work-Life Balance: Part 1 #1218

You Need Issues #1217 

by Sue Hawkes

When I work with my EOS® clients, they sometimes become discouraged by having too many issues in their business. This is normal, and I frequently say, “every successful company has issues!”   Having issues in your business is not a bad thing; in fact, it’s a sign of growth and evolution. Issues are the hurdles, obstacles, and opportunities that slow you…

Sue HawkesYou Need Issues #1217

Choosing Discovery #1216 

by Sue Hawkes

To lead well means you turn challenges into chances. When things get difficult, pausing to get perspective will give you space for three things:  Adaptation. In order to respond, not react, you change your plans to fit the situation, just like a pilot adjusts their course during a storm.   Inspiration. Find ways to boost your team’s spirits, reminding everyone of…

Sue HawkesChoosing Discovery #1216

You Need a Scorecard #1215 

by Sue Hawkes

As I recently recorded the Data Component™ episode of the EOS® Strong in Six podcast, I was reminded how much value a scorecard provides in business.   That may sound obvious, but I’m not talking about quarterly or monthly metrics. No, I’m talking about weekly, activity-based numbers that serve as leading indicators for your business.   A scorecard is the secret sauce…

Sue HawkesYou Need a Scorecard #1215