Where Does Your Energy Come From? #675 

by Sue Hawkes

What are your most important sources of energy?  In learning to work with your own natural pace, preferences, productive times, and patterns, have you slowed to observe yourself?  It’s a worthy exercise. I took the time to pay attention when my life was falling apart in what seemed all ways. I’d recommend doing it before that happens if possible. Hopefully, you’ll never…

Sue HawkesWhere Does Your Energy Come From? #675

Begin Here #674 

by Sue Hawkes

Purpose. It’s a big word and a deep well providing energy, resilience, and grit when you need it.  Do you know your purpose? Do you know your company’s purpose?   If not, it’s some of the most important work we do during our EOS journey, and it’s not always ready to be articulated.  That doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.  When you’re…

Sue HawkesBegin Here #674

Hack Yourself to Focus #673 

by Sue Hawkes

What’s the hardest thing?  Is it research? Is it starting? Is it following through, dotting I’s and crossing T’s? Or is it something else?  Whatever it is, here are two approaches to gaining momentum:  Start with the hardest thing at the time of day where your energy is highest, and you are most motivated. Turn off all electronic distractions and focus. If getting started…

Sue HawkesHack Yourself to Focus #673

No Good Reason #672 

by Sue Hawkes

Where does dread live?  In your mind. Where you’re catastrophizing about things that have already happened, and you can’t change them, or they are things that haven’t happened yet and you’re not looking forward to them.  You can change them, live with them, or let them go. That’s it.  Everything else is ruining this moment. For no good reason either.  …

Sue HawkesNo Good Reason #672

Decide Where You’re Going #671 

by Sue Hawkes

Too often I’m the one in my own way.   A friend shared a quote from his mom saying, “The whole world is ready to step aside if you know where you want to go.”  When you are unclear, unfocused, unsure or simply unmotivated, the world can’t step aside.  Decide.  Then take your first action forward.  Write about it every day. Several times a day…

Sue HawkesDecide Where You’re Going #671

Red Light, Green Light #670 

by Sue Hawkes

I was with a number of EOS Implementers® last week and John McMahon shared a great lesson from one of his teams.   The leader of the team was challenged with the word accountability. He just didn’t like it and it wasn’t a word that worked for him when communicating with his team. It sounded like it had been used like a weapon…

Sue HawkesRed Light, Green Light #670

You Are the Author #669

by Sue Hawkes

Don’t fall in love with any part of your story.  The narrative you live any given day, any given hour is a piece of the fabric that makes us who we are.  If the story forwards you, gives you strength, inspiration, energy and momentum for what matters, share it. Repeat it often and let it guide your thoughts, beliefs, language and actions.  If the…

Sue HawkesYou Are the Author #669

Still Having Problems? #668 

by Sue Hawkes

Do you really need to learn new things?   I in a conversation with some people hiring us to present a keynote in a few months and they told me they’d heard all they needed to about one of our topics. We suggested another topic and they said they’d heard that as well.   After more discussion, I suggested they may need…

Sue HawkesStill Having Problems? #668

Avoiding The Answer #667 

by Sue Hawkes

Don’t answer a question with a question.  Unless you’re seeking clarity, details and information to better answer what’s been asked, just don’t do it.  When you answer a question with another question, check in to see if you’re not answering because you don’t want to commit. In other words, are you avoiding offering a position, an opinion, or an answer…

Sue HawkesAvoiding The Answer #667

Thinking About Thinking #665 

by Sue Hawkes

I was learning from Christopher Lochhead today and he said so many profoundly interruptive things to my preconditioned thinking I was left reeling – in a good way.  When someone comes along and metaphorically grabs you by the shoulders, looks you in the eyes and shakes you up by challenging you to think about your thinking (because really that’s what thinking is),…

Sue HawkesThinking About Thinking #665