A Beginner’s Mind #1010 

by Sue Hawkes

Trying new things is exhilarating for me.  Not knowing how to do something frees my mind to let go of expectations around performance and how things are supposed to be happening.  When I recently tried pickleball for the first time, I enjoyed learning how to borrow from other sports I’d played as well as let it stand uniquely on its…

Sue HawkesA Beginner’s Mind #1010

Good Enough #1009 

by Sue Hawkes

Today was a late blog day.   My session ran later into the evening.  Clients also called for help and I needed to respond.  While I had ideas of doing something creative and thoughtful earlier today, they became a distant memory.  I sat down to write and fell asleep sitting up.   So here is the result of my “nap.”  Sometimes it’s…

Sue HawkesGood Enough #1009

Everyone Can Be Your Teacher #1008 

by Sue Hawkes

When your mind is open, everyone can be your teacher.  Part of my learning last week included new experiences. One was a water experience. It was a series of 3 pools, one lukewarm (80ish degrees), one hot (105 degrees) and one cold (55 degrees). The instructions were to cycle through the three pools three times, remaining in them until you…

Sue HawkesEveryone Can Be Your Teacher #1008

It’s Worth It #1007 

by Sue Hawkes

It’s good to shake it up.   As you know, I was away for the last week of 2022. One of the gifts was to shake up the way I do things while away.   I’m a morning person. While I enjoy waking up and being at my best, the reality is it’s okay to interrupt what I always do.   I had…

Sue HawkesIt’s Worth It #1007

I’m Ready #1006 

by Sue Hawkes

Having spent the week ending 2022 and beginning 2023 in Arizona, reflecting, eating healthy, celebrating, doing new things, and truly unplugging was one of the best gifts I’ve received.  I met my dear friend Kelly Knight at the airport and though we’ve never traveled together, it was terrifically easy. Our interests and pacing are similar.   I had enough alone time,…

Sue HawkesI’m Ready #1006

Evaluation and Contemplation #1005 

by Sue Hawkes

As I evaluate 2022 and contemplate 2023, I’m aware of the learning opportunities available to me.  I love to learn and grow, and my drive to do so needs to be channeled effectively.   Questions I’m considering as I pause in the in-between space of 2022 and 2023:  What questions are you considering?  

Sue HawkesEvaluation and Contemplation #1005

Choose #1004 

by Sue Hawkes

When life is disrupted, you become aware of the pain.  Whether you recognize it or ignore it completely, it’s there. It waits for the opportunity to get your attention amidst all of your busyness.  Whether you like it or not, it emerges demanding attention when the pressure builds.  Like it or not, you will address what’s not working.  When you…

Sue HawkesChoose #1004

Emergence #1003 

by Sue Hawkes

I’m preparing to leave for a trip today.   I’m meeting a friend and we’re doing nothing but caring for ourselves at a location focusing on health and wellness.   I’ve never embarked on a five day stretch all about me before.  I’m excited and grateful for the opportunity.  At this time of the year, reflecting, quieting myself, nourishing my mind, body…

Sue HawkesEmergence #1003

Ready to Win #1002 

by Sue Hawkes

It’s still in the early morning.  My favorite time to focus, meditate, welcome the day, and set my intentions for the day. I’m pondering my routine and considering exercise as the non-negotiable addition to the start of the day.  All my reasons greet me to persuade my thinking in every direction:   My outcomes depend on which questions I listen to.…

Sue HawkesReady to Win #1002

Compelling Vision #1001 

by Sue Hawkes

As Paul Johnson from Aggressive Hydraulics says, “our best days are ahead of us.”  He shared this at a recent annual planning session as the team worked on team health. They are celebrating some big wins this year and also focused on doubling down as inspirational leaders.  Paul’s words struck a chord with me. They’re simple and compelling in and…

Sue HawkesCompelling Vision #1001