Indelible Marks on Your Heart #743 

by Sue Hawkes

What are your gifts from 2021?  When you consider the challenges, wins, ups and downs of this messy year, what’s been most impactful for you in business, as a leader and in your life?  When I think about this question amidst the holidays, I have quick top of mind answers. They don’t serve me in truly reflecting about what’s significant…

Sue HawkesIndelible Marks on Your Heart #743

You Can’t Always See How #742 

by Sue Hawkes

This great Adam Grant quote shook up my thinking in a great way:  “If you judge your worth by your achievements, you feel worthless whenever you fall short of a goal. Stable self-confidence comes from learning to separate your performance from your self-esteem. Excellence is a reflection of effort, skill, and luck – not your value as a person.”  When…

Sue HawkesYou Can’t Always See How #742

Think About It #741 

by Sue Hawkes

What will this cost me?  I was facilitating a session with a team and this gem of a question dropped from one of the wise leaders on the team.  She was explaining how taxing it can be when people react with high emotion to situations at work. Even when the message is spot on, you can lose people along the…

Sue HawkesThink About It #741

How To Be Fearless #740 

by Sue Hawkes

Recently, I was recognized by a team as being fearless.   Though I was touched from what they offered as a compliment, I had to laugh out loud as well. If there’s anything I’m not, it’s fearless. I believe I’m courageous and confident in my abilities, yet I don’t think of that as fearless.   In the same way I appreciate the adage…

Sue HawkesHow To Be Fearless #740

Thanks A Million #739 

by Sue Hawkes

As I’m back to a bit of travel, I received notice I’ve reached “million miler” status.  The recognition of what this means is both interesting and astonishing when I think about it. The trinkets and note from the airline called my attention to it and caused me to reflect.   A million miles, dollars, minutes, smiles, thanks, words or anything else, is a lot.  How have…

Sue HawkesThanks A Million #739

Responding vs. Reacting #738 

by Sue Hawkes

When things don’t go as planned, how do you respond?  I was waiting for the ride I scheduled to the airport in the lobby and saw the app said “your driver is arriving” flash on the screen. I opened the app and recognized the icon of the car was miles away from my location. I let the driver know I…

Sue HawkesResponding vs. Reacting #738

Made Up Limitations #737 

by Sue Hawkes

Made Up Limitations #737  When did you think that thought?  I played competitive volleyball for almost 30 years. As you play, you accumulate injuries. At some point, it became too painful to continue. Though I loved the game, I decided I couldn’t play any longer.   In fact, I determined I was aging and it wasn’t a good idea at all.  So, I stopped.   I didn’t challenge…

Sue HawkesMade Up Limitations #737

Finding Your Flow #736 

by Sue Hawkes

There are cycles to everything. Our relationships, our businesses, our health, seasons in nature, and our lives. It’s like riding a bike through rolling hills.  There are weeks, like this one, where it seems all people are in sync with me. They call, email, text when I’m thinking of them. Reciprocally, those I’m reaching out to are saying they were just going to reach out. When…

Sue HawkesFinding Your Flow #736

Completion #735 

by Sue Hawkes

Day 30 of our challenge has arrived, congratulations!  To spend 30 days in gratitude is its own reward. It goes so quickly and we’re all better for it. I encourage you to reflect on the experience of the past 30 days and take the wins and challenges with it.  What do you notice? How are you experiencing things and what stands…

Sue HawkesCompletion #735

You At Your Best #734 

by Sue Hawkes

How would you describe yourself at your best?   Day 29: If you’ve never done this exercise, consider making time to write it down. Think of a time when you were at your best, how would you describe yourself?   Once you have the list, asterisk the top three words which describe you at your best in your opinion.  Once you’re finished, ask…

Sue HawkesYou At Your Best #734