Seven Simple Steps to Happiness #398

by Sue Hawkes

It seems as if people are searching for what they can do to affect change these days.   I have these 7 Steps to Happiness printed from and they seem to be a terrific beginning for us all:  Think less.Feel more.  Frown less. Smile more.  Talk less. Listen more.  Judge less.Accept more.  Watch less.Do more.  Complain less. Appreciate more.  Fear less. Love more.  Oh,…

Sue HawkesSeven Simple Steps to Happiness #398

A Hybrid Approach #397

by Sue Hawkes

What if your current work situation held through the end of 2021?  That’s how I’m thinking these days.   When I consider what would offer more possibilities for optimal options for our clients as well as opportunities to work from home, many possibilities exist to maximize success for our clients, team and each other.  We are investigating redesigning our offices, removing walls and creating space. This…

Sue HawkesA Hybrid Approach #397

Time For a New Mindset #396

by Sue Hawkes

How much time do you need?  What if you began every endeavor with this question? Without knowing the details or being able to assess what you believe is a reasonable amount of time, how would that change the amount of time you’d allow for certain activities?  When I used to work with leadership teams, I asked this question before I told the group…

Sue HawkesTime For a New Mindset #396

The Perfect Message At The Perfect Time #395

by Sue Hawkes

@FredStokes is a Superbowl champion, an entrepreneur, a gifted speaker and an incredible human. Thanks to @ChrisWhite, he’s also my friend.  One of the many gifts of learning from a diverse group of people over the course of my career has been the synthesizing of messages. You know the saying “when the student is ready the teacher appears?”  Fred was presenting to one of…

Sue HawkesThe Perfect Message At The Perfect Time #395

There's a Chance #394

by Sue Hawkes

There’s a Chance #394  Sometimes you read the perfect book at the perfect time. I have done so twice.   I read Eat, Pray, Love by @ElizabethGilbert while I was going through my divorce and wow, did I feel like she was talking only to me. Clearly, she wasn’t as she is a profoundly gifted author who writes in a way which speaks directly into the…

Sue HawkesThere's a Chance #394

Priorities Ablaze #393

by Sue Hawkes

Priorities Ablaze   I love music. So does my husband, Kevin. We can spend hours listening to music of all genres. It’s even better if we’re toodling along on our pontoon enjoying the moments.   Some of our ventures include one hit wonders, trips down memory lane or we play the “music game” with friends and family as we each choose a song to share with the group and expand…

Sue HawkesPriorities Ablaze #393

The Storm is Coming #392

by Sue Hawkes

We had some extreme storms recently. It was an extensive light show lasting throughout the night with some of the storms producing hail. There was minimal damage where we were, others weren’t as fortunate. Prior to the storms, the humidity and dew point were extreme. In Minnesota, this means you walk outside and feel like you could cut the air…

Sue HawkesThe Storm is Coming #392

Gifts Amidst The Flops #391

by Sue Hawkes

Failure is the fastest and most permanent teacher.  I found out it was National chocolate chip cookie day (there really is a holiday for everything) and my husband loves cookies. Chocolate chip cookies are one of his favorites. So, I found this link to the top recipes in my favorite daily read, The Morning Brew.   As I was approaching my anniversary and vacation, it…

Sue HawkesGifts Amidst The Flops #391

Time To Transition #390

by Sue Hawkes

Transition time. Do you miss it? Do you notice it’s gone?  Another blurred line for many people is the time traveling to work, returning home, going to get lunch, walking to meetings, traveling to and from kids’ events, even going to the grocery store for many people.  If you’re someone who travels from your office to your kitchen for lunch, or from your kitchen…

Sue HawkesTime To Transition #390

Adaptability Is Your Superpower #389

by Sue Hawkes

I was on a Zoom recently with a group of CEOs. Really, who isn’t on a Zoom with a group most days these days?  Anyway, the subject came up of the blurring of home and work lines as summer is coming to an end.   Now these CEOs all happened to be female and many of them were challenged with interruptions…

Sue HawkesAdaptability Is Your Superpower #389