A Singular Focus #1319 

by Sue Hawkes

What if you treated every conversation as if it were the last opportunity you had? How would you relate differently to them? How would you listen? What difference would it make in your relationships?   As I worked with a team recently about communication, I was reminded of how challenging it is to balance the demands of the day with the…

Sue HawkesA Singular Focus #1319

You Need a Break #1318 

by Sue Hawkes

Changing behavior is challenging.   When your habits have led you to success in various forms as a direct result of those habits, they’re doubly hard to break.  When I think of being productive, it’s in my nature to use as many minutes of my waking hours as possible to create results.  This leads me to push myself and work harder…

Sue HawkesYou Need a Break #1318

Will You Give the Feedback? #1317 

by Sue Hawkes

If you’ve heard the saying “absence makes the heart grow fonder,” you might apply it to being away from your loved ones and teammates as your longing for them increases while you’re away. However, there are situations where this phrase does not always apply.  When you’re absent, physically, mentally, or emotionally from teammates at work, it can work in your…

Sue HawkesWill You Give the Feedback? #1317

A Simple Question #1316 

by Sue Hawkes

“What can I help you with?”  What a great question. It opens the door to learning, partnership, and collaboration.   Many years ago, when I was in a state of overwhelm, I called a friend to talk and in the process of doing so I broke down in tears. She patiently listened and when I finished verbally vomiting on her, she…

Sue HawkesA Simple Question #1316

Transitional Clarity #1315 

by Sue Hawkes

Transitions.  They’re challenging. Transitions require you to let go while you are also fumbling to embrace the emerging space of what’s next at the same time.   Transitions are neither here nor there. Both places are uncertain.  One is about completion, one is about possibility; and either way, you don’t know for sure.  Like the acrobat shifting from one trapeze to…

Sue HawkesTransitional Clarity #1315

Learning Curves #1314 

by Sue Hawkes

I have a love-hate relationship with new technology.  Prior to purchase, I look forward to it and the results of what it enables are seductive and motivating. If I find a deal online, it moves me to act. Whether I contemplate for a minute or a month, I am excited to be more efficient and effective by the thought of…

Sue HawkesLearning Curves #1314

Your Lists #1313 

by Sue Hawkes

When you have the gift of time, with no schedule and nothing pressing you to get ready, what do you do? For me, my mind can race with possibilities. I feel an urgency to do the things that I’ve been procrastinating, to be active and exercise, to cook and hang art, change the décor of my house, read, write, paint,…

Sue HawkesYour Lists #1313

The Unexpected #1312 

by Sue Hawkes

Curve balls. They happen. It’s when the stuff you couldn’t imagine or wouldn’t know was coming shows up and interrupts the previously scheduled plans you’ve had.   They happen in small ways every day. If you’re over-scheduled, there’s no room for them and they result in anxiety, stress, and broken promises. There’s a simple fix for this one: schedule less, say…

Sue HawkesThe Unexpected #1312

Ditch the Stress #1311 

by Sue Hawkes

Are you experiencing stress right now? Is it more than your usual amount?  Have you tried all the self-care options you can? If not, try some.  Have you talked with friends, family and anyone who’ll listen, and you feel a bit better, but it’s only a short while?   Did that bottle of wine help, until the emotions you’re packing down…

Sue HawkesDitch the Stress #1311

Just Say It #1310 

by Sue Hawkes

Have you ever struggled to begin something or try something new? Me too.   And the journey to the starting line can feel like a marathon if you stay trapped between your ears.  One solution for this … tell someone.  Yup. It’s that simple.   When “just do it” seems like too great a leap, tell a friend or two and schedule…

Sue HawkesJust Say It #1310