The Over Under Game #855 

by Sue Hawkes

We tend to overestimate the short term and underestimate the long term.  If you’ve ever felt like your hair was on fire and waking up was a fire drill, heed the words above.  Try ten-year planning.  Though I’ve thought of it often, I’ve not sat down until recently to plan out 10 years and think about what each year means,…

Sue HawkesThe Over Under Game #855

The Rest is for Someone Else #854 

by Sue Hawkes

Are you a doer?   Me too.  The world loves a person who will bury themselves for accomplishment.   We cosign the deal out of need, lack, and the vacancy in our wholeness (which doesn’t exist).  Don’t bury yourself out of lack.  Find another way to do only that which feeds your soul.  The rest is for someone else. 

Sue HawkesThe Rest is for Someone Else #854

Find Out #853 

by Sue Hawkes

Disengagement is a thing.  When you’re disengaged, it’s often because you’ve lost connection with your purpose.   When we think of living purposefully, it’s in the word, purpose fully.   If you don’t know your purpose, it’s worth your time to dig in and explore. Without it, you can pass time, yet it can feel shallow, hollow, and redundant.   When you’re living…

Sue HawkesFind Out #853

Defining Success #852 

by Sue Hawkes

How do you define success?  We all measure it differently. Some say, it’s completing something, and you’d sign up to do it again. Others measure in money, material wealth, possessions, and stuff. Others measure by the accolades and awards they collect, and some measure relationships. How many and the quality are up to the person.  Still others measure in the…

Sue HawkesDefining Success #852

Misunderstanding Begins Here #851 

by Sue Hawkes

Our work and our leadership teams depend on trust. Really, all relationships depend on trust.  You can call it psychological safety and many other things, but Patrick Lencioni nailed it when he said the base of all great relationships begins with trust.  It seems underwhelming to say, but it’s where it all begins and what determines whether we work through…

Sue HawkesMisunderstanding Begins Here #851

85% To Goal #850 (Blog 850 of 1000) 

by Sue Hawkes

Blog 850… the goal is in sight!  For those of you playing along, I check in every 50 posts to take a wide-angle balcony look at my learning and progress with my goal of writing 1,000 blogs. I took Seth Godin’s challenge from this blog post and am grateful I did. I agree with him, the first 1,000 are the…

Sue Hawkes85% To Goal #850 (Blog 850 of 1000)

Let’s ROCk #849 

by Sue Hawkes

If you’ve worked with us, you know about Rocks.  As a student of EOS®, you are well informed about this kind of Rocks. Those 90-day priorities we distill from our V/TO™ to ensure we stay on track as leaders throughout the company. They’re intended to keep us focused on our most important results for the quarter. When we work them, they keep…

Sue HawkesLet’s ROCk #849

Grow Your Good #848 

by Sue Hawkes

I recently had the pleasure of learning with Ella Bell Smith at the Women Presidents Organization conference. Her workshop was both sobering and inspiring. Here are some thoughts to ponder from her:  Have you paused to consider followership? In other words, are you worth following as a leader? In what ways are you, in what ways are you not?  Are you…

Sue HawkesGrow Your Good #848

How To Improve Your Culture #847 

by Sue Hawkes

Culture comes from the top of the house.  If you’re a leader focused on your team, your first job is to develop yourself and them. The mode you’re in sets the tone for your team. What’s your day-to-day mood, mode, and behavior?  What I recognize is moods, modes, and behaviors I’ve consistently displayed include versions I’d consider more and less…

Sue HawkesHow To Improve Your Culture #847

Do You Really Know What You Want? #846 

by Sue Hawkes

When you look up, do you know what you want on the other side of any venture?  I find when I ask what I’m seeking, what outcome I want, or what results I’m expecting, I could be more specific most of the time. In fact, I find that to be true for most people when they’re struggling with an issue,…

Sue HawkesDo You Really Know What You Want? #846