The Second Way #623

by Sue Hawkes

When you look ahead and see you’ve committed to a lot, maybe too much, do you recognize what that does to your thinking?  I do.  For me, what I notice is there is momentum toward stress created. It’s subtle at first, then it seeps into my thinking more consistently, which informs my feelings. They follow and grow into some form of anxiety which flows…

Sue HawkesThe Second Way #623

The Filter Might Be Clogged #622

by Sue Hawkes

The greatest opportunity during communication is for miscommunication.  Read that again. I know I needed to.  Somehow, in my day to day, I forget regularly that it’s up to me (as the speaker) to ensure any person (whether an audience, a family member, a client or friend) understands what I mean.   I frequently refer to this reference from NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming):  “the meaning…

Sue HawkesThe Filter Might Be Clogged #622

Doing Less Better #621

by Sue Hawkes

I’ve had a hard time saying “no” much of my life.  Heck, my company is named YESS!, so I clearly have issues, right?  What I’ve noticed repeatedly with the most successful people around me is they do three things consistently well:  They say no more often. In other words, they are laser focused on what needs to be true of any opportunity for it to be the right one them.  …

Sue HawkesDoing Less Better #621

There Is No Easy Way #620

by Sue Hawkes

It’s all about the reps.  I was in a group meeting and one of the participants had detailed data behind how he had generated $250,000 this quarter. Everyone’s ears perked up. We all enjoy being seduced by great results.  When he said “wait, I’ll tell you exactly how I did that…” we all leaned in, thinking we’d hear the “secret” recipe to significant…

Sue HawkesThere Is No Easy Way #620

5 Questions For Competing Priorities #619

by Sue Hawkes

We all have competing priorities happen. How do you decide what comes first when everything seems important?  Here is some criteria to help clarify, but remember, the best answer is to prepare, plan and bust up your own procrastination. Most of us believe there’s always more time. There is not.   Ask these 5 questions in any order when your priorities are on a collision course:  Are…

Sue Hawkes5 Questions For Competing Priorities #619

Let Me Remember #618

by Sue Hawkes

Mindset is everything.  Tonight I had to work quite a bit of mental gymnastics to get myself out on the paddleboard. It was 84 degrees, low humidity, low wind, no bugs, and very few boats on a lake that looked like glass.   I couldn’t have scripted more perfect conditions.   Other than the time of day. It was 7:45pm when I got my sorry…

Sue HawkesLet Me Remember #618

Show Up and Receive #617

by Sue Hawkes

Sometimes, when you show up and are fully present, what you’re looking for is where you are.  I was recently in an online workshop to be on a panel.   I had no expectation of learning, receiving any benefit or solving any issues for myself. I was there to contribute – 100%. I prepared and had every intention of contributing as much as I…

Sue HawkesShow Up and Receive #617

Pushing Yourself Further #616

by Sue Hawkes

Do you push yourself?  Most of us don’t. I know I don’t. At least not in the domains that are challenging for me.   This is why my clients who have graduated from EOS continue to have me facilitate sessions. Or they do a tune up once a year to ensure they don’t veer to far from the work we’ve done and the investment we’ve made.  …

Sue HawkesPushing Yourself Further #616

We’re Getting Ready #615

by Sue Hawkes

I’m in the midst of creating a one-year program. It’s challenging in the best way.  I’m excited to have the rough draft completed in the next 60 days or so.   As I ideate, read and sort, I’m including everything I can think of.  And then I’ll eliminate.   Living life by design takes intention. Most of us won’t make the time.  We make more time to plan dinner, our weekends or our vacations…

Sue HawkesWe’re Getting Ready #615

When You Argue With Reality #614

by Sue Hawkes

Change is challenging. It’s an undoing.  For me, I seem to do mass amounts of change at once, a little at a time doesn’t register my attention. And I learn.  My greatest lessons come from pain and growth is the outcome.   Really, life is an undoing unless you hang on. Letting things do and undo is always occurring. When it’s not, it’s usually because we’re hanging…

Sue HawkesWhen You Argue With Reality #614