Sacrifice is a Reality #165

by Sue Hawkes

Sacrifice is a Reality #165 On my drive to work, I’m listening to the radio and Dave Ryan (@daveryankdwb) says, “If you’ve ever taken a shower, you’ve had an idea,” referring to the fact that an idea alone will not make you an entrepreneur. Many people think it’s that simple; it’s not. If it was, everyone who’s taken a shower…

Sue HawkesSacrifice is a Reality #165

Will You Risk? #155 

by Sue Hawkes

Will You Risk? #155  Complacency. It’s something that happens when you begin to accept the results you have as all that is possible. It’s the benchmark of mediocrity and the crusher of dreams.  Many teams become complacent with scorecard numbers and rocks over time. They begin to see the red numbers or hear the words “off track” week after week and…

Sue HawkesWill You Risk? #155

Work With the Willing #151

by Sue Hawkes

Work With the Willing #151 As leaders, you’re tasked with two things: leading people and managing results. If you can do both well, you are the magician most of us want on our team. Any given day, you can defer to the easier of the two given your skillset. Certainly results, when mostly attainable from our own actions, are easier.…

Sue HawkesWork With the Willing #151