Work Life Balance is Bullshit!

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I’ve asked quite a number of leaders whether there is such a thing as work life balance. Almost everyone says no without hesitation. They agree there are times we’re present, we’re grounded, we’re in sync with what matters, and we’re in the zone—feeling all the joyous personal and professional satisfaction we’re looking for. Yet, it’s as though the second we…

Sue HawkesWork Life Balance is Bullshit!

The Quieter Side Of Life #292 

by Sue Hawkes

When all is said and done, we can adapt. The new normal isn’t better or worse, it’s what it is for now.  Things will change, not always at the pace we’re experiencing right now, but they will. Change is constant.  When you accept what is, stop arguing with reality, and step into what’s happening, it can inform you.  You can…

Sue HawkesThe Quieter Side Of Life #292

What Will You Do Today? #228

by Sue Hawkes

What Will You Do Today? #228 Happy New Year! Is it a time of resolutions, new beginnings, possibility and the frenzy of getting back to work after the holiday break? Or is it something else. For me, there were several years the New Year was a time of grieving, somber moments and reflection. It was a time of Winter inside…

Sue HawkesWhat Will You Do Today? #228

Thank You, Tim Ferriss #227

by Sue Hawkes

Thank You, Tim Ferriss #227 Completion. It’s a factor we need to free our energy and move on. Without it, life can feel like an amalgamation of all things stuck and immobile. For me, it messes with my emotions and often causes undue stress. For me, this means I need to get in action, or I’ll be inactive. As a great…

Sue HawkesThank You, Tim Ferriss #227

The Guilt Of The Season #219

by Sue Hawkes

The Guilt Of The Season #219 Why do we have guilt over not fitting everything and everyone in—especially at this time of year? I was asked this question during an interview and my take is this: many of us have bought into a “you can have it all” experience in life. We worry about others’ judgments, approval, and feelings, yet…

Sue HawkesThe Guilt Of The Season #219

Finding Time Where There Is None #215

by Sue Hawkes

Finding Time Where There Is None #215 Our time is limited and during the holidays, schedules can feel even more compressed than usual. For our business, it’s also “annual season” which means we’re often working six- or seven-day weeks on top of the festivities and additional events. What can you do about it? Here’s a simple calendar exercise which can…

Sue HawkesFinding Time Where There Is None #215

It’s Like Laundry #208

by Sue Hawkes

It’s Like Laundry #208 Eliminating waste is a great thing. When you think of waste, do you include time, energy and money? How about space? At the beginning of the year, I realized how much stress I had when my email inbox was full. Like all busy people, I receive many emails on any given day. On New Year’s Day,…

Sue HawkesIt’s Like Laundry #208

A Game-Changing Question #205

by Sue Hawkes

A Game-Changing Question #205 Busyness. Overwhelm. The holidays. Family. Friends. Year-end. Work. Black Friday. Cyber Monday. Retail madness. Overeating. Need I say more? It’s that time of year when we’re all supposed to be gearing up for gratitude and connection. What we’re socialized into with the Hallmark movies and holiday cartoons sells something different than many of us experience. If…

Sue HawkesA Game-Changing Question #205

Playing Whack-a-Mole #190

by Sue Hawkes

Playing Whack-a-Mole #190 If you’ve ever seen a game of Whack-a-Mole, you understand the sense of anxiety it creates. When it’s time to hit the moles, they seem to accelerate faster than you can react and it causes stress. Metaphorically speaking, this can be what a day in the life of any leader can feel like. I had a Whack-a-Mole…

Sue HawkesPlaying Whack-a-Mole #190

KISS #183

by Sue Hawkes

KISS #183 Life seems to ebb and flow, to speed and relax. It could be seasonal, work or personally related. As the holidays approach, it certainly seems many people’s lives accelerate with events and festivities packed in all at once to celebrate the season. It happens every year, yet many people seem exhausted, irritable or challenged with the pace. Slowing…

Sue HawkesKISS #183