Finding Peace #995 (5 to 1000) 

by Sue Hawkes

During the holidays, I can get swept up in the busyness of the season along with the busyness of my work. It’s imperative to find peace amidst the chaos to enjoy all the season offers.   We began scheduling a trip to warm weather for at least a long weekend in each of the winter months to interrupt our heavy working…

Sue HawkesFinding Peace #995 (5 to 1000)

Progress, Not Perfection #994 (6 to 1000) 

by Sue Hawkes

I’m reading a great book, it’s not for everyone, but the excerpt below referencing exercise might be.    When I think of exercise, it’s been my stress management and empowerment for years. That doesn’t mean I’m always motivated to do it. I’ve always found team sports and group activities to be more motivating because exercise is disguised within the fun of…

Sue HawkesProgress, Not Perfection #994 (6 to 1000)

It Just Keeps Getting Better #993 (7 to 1000) 

by Sue Hawkes

It’s been an inspiring year with my clients.   Perhaps it’s been the richness of seeing so many of them moving gracefully into their EOS lives (doing work they love, with people they love, making a huge difference, being compensated appropriately, with time left for other passions).   It’s been a time of profound gratitude while partnering with a 3rd generation 100+…

Sue HawkesIt Just Keeps Getting Better #993 (7 to 1000)

Questions to Jump Start 2023 #992 (OMG, 8 left to 1000) 

by Sue Hawkes

As a companion to yesterday’s blog reviewing 2022, today is about imagining your best version of 2023.   I’m offering these questions to ponder on your path to Intentional Greatness®. If you find this valuable, please share with attribution. We’re with you every day in 2023!*   *If you (or someone you love) want daily accountability to what you just imagined, we’ve…

Sue HawkesQuestions to Jump Start 2023 #992 (OMG, 8 left to 1000)

Questions to Finish 2022 Strong #991 (9 Blogs Remain to 1000) 

by Sue Hawkes

Do you reflect?  To pursue Intentional Greatness®, reflection is required. If you’re reading this blog, I’m mirroring our journal to help you finish 2022 strong while also kick starting 2023 (tomorrow’s blog).  In The Gap and the Gain by Dan Sullivan, he illustrates the importance of reviewing where you’ve been to appreciate your progress, while also looking forward and seeing…

Sue HawkesQuestions to Finish 2022 Strong #991 (9 Blogs Remain to 1000)

Dynamic Tension is Real #990 

by Sue Hawkes

The holidays are a mixed bag.   If you’ve been reading this week, you’re aware of my overwhelming joy and gratitude for my family and our traditions.  At the same time, we’ve had some friends leave us in the recent weeks.   It’s harder to write about these, and I’m aware it’s not as enjoyable to read. When we lose friends and…

Sue HawkesDynamic Tension is Real #990

Collaboration Makes it Possible #989 

by Sue Hawkes

Music is and has always been an elixir for me. Whether live (the best!) or recorded, it offers me the bridge to energy, joy, space to grieve, pathway to memories, and is the key to unlock passion and connection in life.  When we chose The New Standards concert nine years ago for our family gathering with our blended group, we…

Sue HawkesCollaboration Makes it Possible #989

All You Need #988 

by Sue Hawkes

Wow. What a tradition we’ve started as a family.  I woke up this morning overflowing with gratitude.   As a blended family, we’ve been intentional about how we spend time, focusing on experiences that connect us, allow us all to be ourselves, and value our time together fully.   Each year, we spend a day together and it’s expanded as we’ve grown…

Sue HawkesAll You Need #988

Applying the Learning #987 

by Sue Hawkes

Looking backward is rewarding.  With the right lens and a discerning mindset, reviewing where I’ve been offers validation and perspective. Today I’ve chosen to review my lessons from the halfway point – 50%.  It seems I was feisty at the halfway mark, feeling frustrated with the messy middle, yet confident I’d finish. An interesting mix of variables mid-pandemic might have…

Sue HawkesApplying the Learning #987

Addition by Subtraction #986 

by Sue Hawkes

This time of year, I begin to seek more ways to simplify my world.   The faster and more scheduled life becomes, the more naturally I move to doing less better.   Meal prep on the weekend, setting out my clothing for the next day the evening prior, prioritizing my health, booking our travel for the winter months, and balancing our longer-term…

Sue HawkesAddition by Subtraction #986