Pause, Appreciate, Proceed #708 

by Sue Hawkes

When working with teams, I’m known to repeat the phrase “seven times for people to hear it the first time” to remind us it takes repetition to “get it.” New research offers it’s closer to 20 times for people to hear it the first time given the amount of information we’re facing all day. Ugh.  It can be exhausting to…

Sue HawkesPause, Appreciate, Proceed #708

Time For YOU #707 

by Sue Hawkes

It’s that time of year again when you’re looking at your calendar and thinking “I’m so busy.”  You may even feel overwhelmed. With all the meetings, deadlines, events, and family obligations to juggle it can be hard to find time for yourself.    Some experts say that you should schedule in some downtime every day or resentment may build up. Today’s challenge is for YOU – please…

Sue HawkesTime For YOU #707

30 Days of Gratitude Begins Today #706 

by Sue Hawkes

Welcome to November, the month we’re dedicating the blog to appreciation, gratitude and spreading goodness. Join us, will you? Register here.  We explained the details in blog #701, and it’s pretty simple – you can participate on your own or in our Facebook group if you’d like to stay inspired. Every day (M-F) will include a challenge to consider along the way. Read to the end of the blog…

Sue Hawkes30 Days of Gratitude Begins Today #706

Everyday Miracles #705 

by Sue Hawkes

When someone inspires you, take note.  I had the joy of watching Ali run her third half marathon this year. She’s stuck with the training, not perfectly, but well enough to improve each time.  She’s exceeding her goals at work and finding ways to reframe her thinking when it’s not forwarding.  She’s taking time for herself; she’s enjoying great friends…

Sue HawkesEveryday Miracles #705

This Is the Path Forward #704 

by Sue Hawkes

This Is the Path Forward #704  Josh Radner, Ted Mosby in How I Met Your Mother, said “If we learned from suffering, wouldn’t the world be enlightened by now?”  When I dwell on the problem, my world follows.   What was “one of those days” at home has become a standing joke we use often. For anyone who knows my husband Kevin, you know he’s one…

Sue HawkesThis Is the Path Forward #704

Will You? #702

by Sue Hawkes

Looking ahead, the questions we ask are more important than the answers we already have.  We are at a time in history where we are aware and awakened to the fact that the world is currently resetting. It’s resetting itself to correct things, to improve things and to move us forward together.  If we use that lens and see this…

Sue HawkesWill You? #702

It Begins With Me #701 

by Sue Hawkes

As I look ahead to November, I’m present to my own desire for kindness, gratitude, and a gentler daily experience right now.  Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love the meal prep with my children, the decorating, I begin listening to holiday music while we cook and it sets the stage for appreciation of the year for me. My son’s birthday (October…

Sue HawkesIt Begins With Me #701

70% To Goal #700 

by Sue Hawkes

70%.  70% to goal and I haven’t missed a day. It feels better today than it did in the messy middle. Somehow, 70% seems like I’ve turned the 2/3- most of the way – you’ve got this corner.  In this moment, I’m feeling confident about reaching 1,000 daily blog posts. For those of you playing along, I check in every 50 posts to take a…

Sue Hawkes70% To Goal #700

Both Are True #699 

by Sue Hawkes

Tao Te Ching says “Your conversations help create your world. Speak of delight, not dissatisfaction.  Speak of hope, not despair. Let your words bind up wounds, not cause them.”  This is a great reminder for me.   I’m the person who enters the space and sees what’s off. Whether it’s in my home, at work or out in the world, my brain is…

Sue HawkesBoth Are True #699

Spreading The Joy #698 

by Sue Hawkes

We have a new “thing” and are about empowering those who empower others.    Would you like to join in?  We hope so! Here’s the game:  Reach us here: [email protected] with your physical address.  We’ll send you an empowering note and include a postage paid note for you to send to someone else. You do the writing, and we’ll pay it forward.  That’s it!  Why?  …

Sue HawkesSpreading The Joy #698