The People are the Work #1095 

by Sue Hawkes

Business is challenging.   Peter Drucker said “Only three things happen naturally in organizations: friction, confusion, and underperformance. EVERYTHING else requires leadership.”  I find this quote empowering.   When you accept that it will be rough, little will go well, and the bar is low, you can rise to the challenge.  Leadership is that scarce commodity available to those who realize the…

Sue HawkesThe People are the Work #1095

It’s Up to You #1094 

by Sue Hawkes

At the EOS Conference™, I was teaching the Integrator Masterclass and said, “you are a representation of what you allow.”  Ali caught this, noted it, and suggested I blog about it.  So here I am.   Many of the leaders I’ve worked with experience frustration at times with the people around them.  When you realize you’ve trained people to behave exactly…

Sue HawkesIt’s Up to You #1094

The Stuff of Memories #1093 

by Sue Hawkes

As many of you are aware, we’re embarking upon a remodel of the main level of our home. It’s kitchen, dining room, laundry and living room so we’re going to grill and be outside a lot this summer.  I’ve adjusted my expectations to a month beyond the date of completion on the plan.  I hope that’s enough.  As I pack…

Sue HawkesThe Stuff of Memories #1093

Spend Wisely #1092 

by Sue Hawkes

As we grow our small but mighty team, I’m excited for the future.  Realizing the possibility of doing our work in new ways to expand our impact fuels me. Thinking of new ways to grow what we do while expanding the learning we offer is limited only by the time to deliver it.  Our inventory is time.   As in life,…

Sue HawkesSpend Wisely #1092

Growth by Invitation #1091 

by Sue Hawkes

Inviting change is easier than resisting it.  We are beginning our remodel later in May. Having gone through this process before, I am anticipating challenges and mistakes.  It’s inevitable.   When working within an existing structure and transforming it into the new vision of its future state, there are infinite details, options, and several limitations.  Similar to leading any change, the…

Sue HawkesGrowth by Invitation #1091

Don’t Be Reasonable #1090 

by Sue Hawkes

The only way to make your present better is to make your future bigger.  This is the essence of setting goals. If we don’t set them, we begin to decline.   In small, seemingly inconsequential ways, we erode what we have when we don’t strive for what’s next.  Striving for something offers purpose and meaning.   Don’t settle, reach. When you have…

Sue HawkesDon’t Be Reasonable #1090

Begin Here #1089 

by Sue Hawkes

What if we could hold the honesty of our fears in equal weight with the courage of our dreams?  This was a question posed by Tiffany Sauder (Scared Confident podcast).  It’s a great thought when you’re on the courage side of the balance sheet. Remembering the question when you’re on the fear side is the real opportunity.  Isn’t that the…

Sue HawkesBegin Here #1089

It’s Hard #1088 

by Sue Hawkes

“Hard is not the end, it’s just hard.”  This is a quote from a parent when his daughter was struggling in every way in her life.  What a powerful statement.   If you rely on feelings, hard is an end. It’s the end of an interpretation, the end of a way of being in the world that isn’t serving you, the…

Sue HawkesIt’s Hard #1088

Wider and Louder #1087 

by Sue Hawkes

“Your eyes only see and your ears only hear what you’re looking for.” Dan Sullivan  One of the gems from being at the EOS Worldwide conference last week was this Dan Sullivan quote.   Reminding myself to stay humble (no matter how certain I am), by recognizing my own biases, filters, and predispositions to receive only the information I’m ready for…

Sue HawkesWider and Louder #1087

Normalizing Change #1086 

by Sue Hawkes

When change is occurring, it’s imperative to know your default setting. While we use the KOLBE to stay clear about what our starting point is when meeting change, it’s interesting to realize how much stress we put ourselves in by changing behavior to accommodate others.  When we’re stressed, we’re less resourceful, less creative, and less effective communicators.  This is part…

Sue HawkesNormalizing Change #1086