#5 – Small Things

by Sue Hawkes

#5 Small Things

As I sit on the plane during a busy week with one more day to work, looking forward to a full Friday and an equally full weekend, it occurs to me the little things really are the big things in life. It’s about having appreciation for the things my family, team and friends do that consistently make life richer, fuller and easier.  

It’s my brother who did the driving for our business trip in the snow storm; the gas my husband put in my car when time was short late at night; the snacks and tea my daughter always puts in my travel bag; the hug my son went out of his way to offer when he knew I was having a rough day; our friends coming over for a take-out dinner and baking cupcakes that are my husband’s favorite (which they found out from our daughter on the sly just to make his day!);  my dear friend sharing her Sunday afternoon to just to connect and her 10 year old son sitting in the other room to let us have our time together when he really just wanted to hang with his Mom, and when asked, he respectfully replied “I didn’t want to interrupt;” and there are a many more in any given day. Do you remember to notice?  I’d like to say I do, yet sometimes, I’m too absorbed in my busyness to slow my mind and appreciate it all or recognize all the intentionally kind things people are doing all the time.  

When pausing long enough to drink it all in, are they small things? I think not, and when considered in concert they are an overwhelmingly powerful opportunity to be consumed with gratitude. Will you join me in slowing down enough to be consumed for just a few minutes? I hope so. 

Here’s to all the small things, including the first 5 blog posts being completed. So far, so good. Only 995 to go!  

Sue Hawkes#5 – Small Things