#16 – Earned Not Given

by Sue Hawkes

#16 – Earned Not Given

We’re working out at our gym and I’m particularly sluggish today. It’s a rare state for me as I usually run on high energy and early mornings are some of my best hours of the day.

I’m not resistant to the gym. I enjoy working out and being active. So I’m not managing self-talk about “getting to The Power House;” I’m not talking myself into going or seducing myself with promises of it being better once I go. I’m fatigued. That is all.

So when I arrive, I tell Max I’m physically tired and will give it my best, but I’m not abundant in energy. It isn’t a great way to spend an hour that requires more than I am able to give, but I do it.

I know it’s not my best workout. I am hoping I’ll rally at some point simply by being there and doing the work. I don’t. In fact, a migraine begins as I leave.

My last series of exercises included one I enjoy. It’s called a “good morning” and is associated with Bruce Lee. You use a bar bell for it. I only use a bar bell sparingly; it’s not my thing.

Today, I used the lime green bar bell. This one is better than the silver and black versions most think of – a bit of color makes it more fun for me. It’s also better because it has a quote on it. It says “EARNED NOT GIVEN.”

Today, this message was a reward in itself. It reminded me that my fatigue was earned. It’s the result of living fully, and this weekend offered opportunities I was fully present for. It reminded me that even fatigue is a great thing when it’s earned from a life fully lived. It’s my body’s way of reminding me to rest more since I tend to push my limits. It’s also a great reminder nothing ever happens by accident.

I’m willing to do the work and also enjoy playing; sometimes I need to remember to rest as well. Though it wasn’t my best work out, I earned it.

And now I’ll rest.

Sue Hawkes#16 – Earned Not Given