#11 – The Mirror Is a Great Place to Start

by Sue Hawkes

#11 The Mirror is a Great Place to Start

I was recently at a quarterly EOS conference with my fellow implementers. We always share “AHAs” to provide opportunities for learning with one another. We exchange wisdom for the learning available to each other and it’s always worthwhile.

I shared how there are times when I notice patterns in my facilitation. Patterns where certain tools or parts of what I’m teaching just don’t seem to resonate with my clients. When I step back and observe this and can recognize the pattern, it’s easy to see it’s not the tools that are the problem. It’s my framework and how I’m thinking about what I’m teaching.

When I caught myself this quarter, and determined I needed to get a “tune up” in my thinking, it resulted in tremendous results for all of my clients. In fact, it became the most worthwhile part of most of my sessions this quarter.

Keeping this in mind, when you notice something isn’t working for a period of time and it’s recurring, the best way to correct it may be to take a look in the mirror; it’s a great place to start.

Sue Hawkes#11 – The Mirror Is a Great Place to Start