#12 – Mistaking More for Better

by Sue Hawkes

#12 – Mistaking More for Better

When working with leadership teams, I’m often a broken record saying “less is more” and “do less better.” In the beginning of our work together, teams rarely heed this advice. After all, they are entrepreneurial leadership teams with fearless ambition, can-do attitudes and they are ultimately opportunists at heart. Saying “no” is a challenging thing – they believe they might miss the opportunity that will be the one thing to trigger it all.

Over time, they learn to slow down. They step back. They take a longer look at where they’re going and how they intend to get there. They become more strategic and less fire fighting.

Once that transition begins to happen, they enjoy the benefit of doing less better. And by doing less better, there’s room for the opportunities that can’t be missed that occur in the midst of their plan. In fact less truly is more.

Sue Hawkes#12 – Mistaking More for Better