#13 – Creatures of Habit

by Sue Hawkes

#13 – Creatures of Habit

Most of us are creatures of habit. Beyond our twenties, we don’t make the time often enough to step back and assess how closely the life we’re living aligns with the life we imagine we should, would or could be living.

Some questions to consider if you’re wondering:

  • When is the last time you envisioned your future life (3-5 years or more in the future)?
  • What are you currently doing that challenges you, moves you forward, and redefines what’s possible for you and your future?
  • What’s the dream you’ve not yet realized?
  • Where are you settling?
  • How excited are you to wake up every day?
  • What life are you waiting to live?

If any of these questions ignited anything for you, when will you do something about it? Life is short; too short to live anything less than your best life.

What are you waiting for?

Sue Hawkes#13 – Creatures of Habit